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How Can I Avoid Ordering Lenses Which Are Too Thick?

Learn about the relationship between glasses prescription and lens thickness.
How can I avoid ordering lenses which are too thick

Based on the prescription for lenses you enter during checkout, our lens recognition system will suggest the most suitable lens, which will have an average thickness that matches your lens prescription.

When a lens is not suitable for your prescription (e.g. because it is too thick), our system automatically disables this option. We now also offer Arise Collective™ Clarity prescription lenses which are aspherical and therefore generally thinner and lighter than other lenses.

Depending on your personal preference, you may choose to upgrade to a thinner lens.

If you cannot escape thick lenses, try selecting a pair of glasses with a full rim rather than semi-rimless glasses or rimless glasses.

Full rim frames can help hide the thickness of lens edges, especially with thick plastic frames.

Additionally, the lenses for full rim frames may be manufactured with a wider range of thickness, while semi-rimless and rimless glasses have a minimum thickness requirement.

Another tip would be to try to pick out a frame as small as possible, especially if your prescription is a high minus (For example, like a -7.00 sphere and up).


A higher lens index means thinner lenses, and a lower lens index means thicker ones.

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