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Gucci Glasses

Gucci is an Italian luxury brand that was started in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, who founded the company in Florence, his hometown. Initially, Gucci sold stylish leather goods and with time the company flourished and expanded to numerous locations. Post World War II Gucci opened new boutiques in the United States as well as Asia and slowly established itself as one of the most sought-after international and luxurious designer brands. Gucci is now owned by the Kering Group, an international luxury group well-known for its amazing portfolio. Gucci glasses have always been from high-end materials and reflect intricate craftsmanship.


The frames are perfectly designed for both men and women, and the unique Gucci glasses collection comes in a variety of colours and shapes with its beautiful design and stylish symbol that represents luxury. If you’re looking for everyday glasses with a touch of vintage mixed with contemporary styles, then the latest Gucci glasses collections have your name written all over them.

Gucci Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Although Gucci glasses may be more expensive compared to your non-designer frames, investing in a pair of authentic Gucci frames will always be the best path to go down, and will be worth every penny. Quality over quantity is the best way to think when you’re shopping for any pair of designer frames! All Gucci prescription glasses are guaranteed to last you a strong amount of time due to the premium and high-quality materials used. If you have a passion for fashion love wearing some of the world's top designer labels, then there is no question that a pair of non designer frames can top a pair of prestigious Gucci glasses.

The answer is yes! When shopping for Gucci glasses, you’ll notice that all frames are made from acetate, metal, and titanium. Gucci Glasses are also made with a high-quality range of plastic materials that provide a lighter feel on the face. The most popular Gucci glasses are the titanium frames. Titanium is one of the strongest metals known, but also one of the lightest. This means that you can wear your designer Gucci glasses that are guaranteed style, with comfort and optimal durability. 

Gucci eyewear is one of the most luxurious designer brands to name; therefore, unless you purchase your glasses from Gucci themselves or another reputable store, the risk of coming across a counterfeit pair is high. Thankfully some signs can be pretty obvious, with some signs appearing more obvious than others. Here below you’ll find some of the features you want to look out for when purchasing a pair of Gucci glasses online.


1- The wording and spelling of the brand name. Incorrect wording and spelling mistakes are the biggest indicators to knowing whether you have purchased a counterfeit pair of Gucci glasses. You may notice wording like ‘’Inspired by Gucci’’ or incorrect spellings. This is the first thing you should take a glance at when you receive your Gucci glasses frame as well as looking at the case.


2- Look at the side. All Gucci glasses are made in Italy or Japan and this will be stated on the insides of the Gucci glasses frame. You can also test the paint of this writing by lightly brushing over with your fingernail to see if it comes off, and if the paint does easily scratch off, then it’s likely that the Gucci glasses are not original. 


3-The model number. All Gucci glasses come with an individual model number. You should see the initials GG (stands for Guccio Gucci), on your Gucci glasses, followed by a code. This code should be followed by the initial ‘S’, for example, ‘Gucci-GG0582S-001-490060’. 


4- Hinges and weight. Hinges are also one of the biggest indicators. They shouldn’t have obvious or big screws and they shouldn’t be made with plastic. When you open the Gucci glasses frames, they should open easily without getting stuck. Most counterfeit glasses are made with cheap plastic materials which feel very light. Gucci glasses shouldn’t be heavy but should have a medium/light weighted feel to them. 


5- Certificate of authenticity. All Gucci glasses should come with an authenticity certification that can be found inside the glasses case, box, or packaging. 


Please note that it’s important to check all elements when receiving your Gucci prescription glasses: the glasses case, the packaging, and the overall quality of the product. It’s very important to shop with a reputable online retailer where you should be able to find all of the accurate information you need to know on their website. This includes information such as their contact information, operating locations, and general information about the company on an ‘about us’ page. You’ll be able to find all this information at Vision Direct.


If you’re looking for a place to start, you’ll be able to shop some of the most prestigious everyday Gucci glasses for men and women, whether that be for work or for play. At Vision Direct, you’ll be offered the best price guaranteed with FREE shipping and a 100 day free returns policy. 

If you’ve loved learning all you need to know about Gucci glasses, then you’ll be even more inspired by the latest Gucci style guide for women or the Gucci style guide for men where you can find inspiration for your perfect pair. Once you have found your dream pair of Gucci prescription glasses, why not try before you buy with the ingenious Virtual Try-On tool? All of this fun from the comfort of your own home!