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Toric Contact Lenses Online Australia

Contact lenses are thin, soft lenses used to correct refractive errors by adding or reducing focusing power to the eye’s cornea and lens. It’s the best solution for someone who doesn’t want to wear glasses all day and needs correction in their vision or for cosmetic reasons. Have you been wondering where to buy contact lenses online? You’re at the right place! 


VisionDirect offers contact lenses from Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson, Biofinity by CooperVision, Air Optix by Ciba Vision, Dailies by Alcon, PureVision by Bausch + Lomb and many others. Choose from daily or multi-day disposable lenses, packaged in the quantities you need. We also offer coloured contact lenses that allow you to safely change the colour of your eyes for a fresh, new look while keeping your eyes oxygenated all day. 


What are toric contact lenses?


Astigmatism Contact lenses


A person with Astigmatism has an unevenly curved Cornea - the front of the eye, or an unevenly curved Crystalline lens - inside the eye. Usually, this imperfect curvature is related to the shape being more of a Rugby ball shape than a Football shape and this can cause blurred vision. A Toric contact lens is weighted which allows the lens to always position itself in the correct direction on the eye, to effectively correct your Astigmatism.


Just because someone has astigmatism in their glasses prescription, does not necessarily mean they will need toric lenses. The way the lens drapes over the eye can adjust the prescription, and in theory correct for some of the astigmatism. This is why in some prescriptions with cyls around .75 the doctor will just adjust that into the sph power and prescribe them a spherical contact lens.


Toric Contact Lenses Online


Acuvue contact lenses online are one of the best bets for astigmats. Choose between the 1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism 30 Pack and Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism 6 Pack. Another popular option of toric lenses or astigmatism contact lenses would be the Biofinity Toric 3 Pack.


With competitive pricing, FREE shipping and a 3-month warranty on all of our products, you can shop knowing that you’re getting world-class service and market-leading vision corrective technology without breaking the bank at VisionDirect. Plus, you can request recurrent contact lenses so you won’t have to stress about running out! If you're not fully satisfied with your product or would like to exchange it, simply take advantage of our 100-day easy return policy. Order now at VisionDirect - shopping online has never been more convenient!