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Burberry Sunglasses

Burberry- one of the oldest fashion houses in the world, yet still one of the most in-demand brands when it comes to classic fashion. You may know Burberry for their famous nova check designs, accompanied by highly recognised fashion pieces such as trench coats, classic boots, and everyday statement sunglasses. Burberry is renowned for their timeless designs mixed with its traditional trademark patterns. If you’re looking for day one original designer sunglasses with a sprinkle of elevated fashion, then look no further than the typically British Burberry sunglasses collection.

Burberry Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

On paper, Burberry is categorised as one of the most valuable luxury brands in the world, with millions of life-long loyal fans and customers who remain addicted to the brand. This is due to Burberry being one of the most recognised fashion brands to date, ever since its launch in 1970. Just the name arises thoughts of their instantly recognised Burberry check that fashionistas can’t get enough of, whether that be worn loudly and proudly with a traditional Burberry scarf, or keeping it classy with a pair of iconic Burberry sunglasses.


Burberry sunglasses for women and men still keep some of their old iconic styles today, just mixed with a sprinkle of modern-day fashion. While staying true to their roots, Burberry aims to provide a fresh perspective on traditional fashion, indeed, making them one of the best eyewear labels to shop with.


Burberry sunglasses are renowned for being the perfect gift! Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a loved one, the well established and traditional frames are bound to win over any fashion lover's heart. Want to purchase prescription Burberry sunglasses? If you’re unaware of your own or a loved one's prescription, all you need to do is head to the ingenious Prescription Lens Scanner where you’ll be guided to follow the steps to have a prescription revealed in no time.

All Burberry glasses and sunglasses are manufactured by the Luxottica group, where all new frames will be manufactured in Italy. All Burberry frames are crafted to excellent standards, with 100% UV protection provided within every pair. 

1. The packaging. Just like all designer sunglasses, Burberry sunglasses will come in their expected branded box. This box will have the Burberry logo on it, followed by the traditional Burberry Knight. Thoroughly check that the ‘Burberry’ logo is spelt correctly, as most counterfeit sunglasses tend to have a few recognisable written errors.


2. Information booklet. Again, as well as all designer sunglasses, Burberry sunglasses should arrive accompanied by a warranty certificate and information booklet. The certificate will also include information about the sunglasses, such as the materials used and warranty type. Most counterfeit Burberry sunglasses will not have a warranty certificate or information booklet, and if a false one has been made, the signs may be obvious such as an incorrect logo or spellings. 


3. Sunglasses case. Any new Burberry sunglasses case will be made with the original check pattern. Ensure to check the woven material consistency. Any inconsistencies in patterns, texture or design may be a sign of a counterfeit pair of sunglasses. 


4. The right arm. The insides of the right Burberry sunglasses arm should have the Burberry name followed by the manufacture location (Italy.) If you lightly scratch the text with your nail, the writing should not come off. 


5. Right lens. New Burberry sunglasses will also come with a serial number on the corner of the right lens. Ensure to check the number is etched clearly and in a clean manner. This number should also not come off with a light scratch.


Overall it’s important to have a thorough check of your Burberry sunglasses once they have arrived. The most important factor to consider is the company you have purchased from. It’s always best to shop with reputable brands, where you’ll be able to find information about the company online such as their customer service information, store and operating locations, as well as being able to find an ‘about us’ page. Want to find out why you should buy from Vision Direct? Find out all you need to know on our authenticity page!


If you’re looking for some designer sunglasses inspiration and want a pair of the most flame frames yet, then the best piece to get your hands on is the latest Burberry women’s and men's black sunglasses. Although traditionally, Burberry likes to make a statement with their stand out check pattern, the more delicate approach of their ‘50 shades of black’ sunglasses seems to be an all-time favourite from the loyal Burberry fans.

Want to try before you buy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll be pleased to know that you can try on endless frames from the comfort of your own home with no queues, no fuss, and no pressure with our ingenious Virtual Try-On Tool. Once you have found your dream statement Burberry sunglasses and are ready to checkout, you’ll receive FREE shipping and the best price guaranteed on every frame. Happy shopping!