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RB2140 Original Wayfarer 901


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Oasys for Astigmatism 6 Pack


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  • 08/14
    Very happy with the product
    Very happy with the product, fast delivery Excellent service
  • 08/13
    Good products and service
    Customer service is very responsive and helpful. brand name products are great
    LR LLR
  • 08/13
    Quick delivery and its exactly what I…
    Quick delivery and its exactly what I wanted
    Andre Kock
  • 08/13
    received item promptly and in good…
    received item promptly and in good condition. Spectacle frames are well made and lense quality too.
    oleg kaluzyn
  • 08/12
    Great service and products
    Great service and products
    MARK T
  • 08/12
    I'm now a forever customer xxx
    I'm so happy I found this website. I'm in rural NSW - Australia and my choice of frames are limited. I found the perfect frames on this website and they arrived in record time and packed beautifully. I'm a forever customer now.
    Kaz from Coffs
  • 08/12
    Excellent communication
    Excellent communication. Glasses areived on time. I would use them again
  • 08/11
    Fast and quick Service
    Fast and quick Service
  • 08/11
    Glasses were a bit loose
    Glasses were a bit loose. Just had to get them tightened. Other than that, there perfect. Thanks again.
    Jose Jose Cortez
  • 08/11
    Prompt and easy returns.
    Prompt and easy returns.
    LJ H
  • 08/10
    Packaged very well
    Packaged very well, arrived quickly.
    Joanne Warland
  • 08/10
    Great value and huge selection of frames
    This is my 2nd time using Vision Direct and they haven't disappointed. The selection of frames is massive and there's something for every budget. When there's a sale on it's excellent value. The time it takes for the glasses to ship is about the same as it would take for my local shop to get it, except I can do all of this at home. If you know what you want and have all the info you need (your eye prescription, the style you like, measurements of your ideal fit glasses, the type of lenses you need) the ordering processes is quick and simple as you can filter your search for all these things. The price ended up being only slightly less than if I went to my local Specsavers but they wouldn't have stocked the frame I chose. Plus, I don't really need 'two pairs' so picked Vision Direct over them. Would definitely order here again - it's the perfect shopping option for introverts like me!
  • 08/10
    User friendly website with really good…
    User friendly website with really good choice selection! I love my Tom fords too, they look amazing and are also a really nice, sturdy pair Progressive vision lenses also feel good quality
  • 08/10
    Loving my new glasses
    Loving my new glasses, especially the 4 magnetic tints. Has changed how I wear glasses having 5 pairs in 1.
  • 08/10
    Very easy to order
    Very easy to order, arrived quicker than expected.Very happy with the product
    Nina Boskovic
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Take the strain out of shopping for glasses and switch to Vision Direct, the online eyeglasses super store offering all of the most popular international and local designers and brands at the best price and only online. We’ve thought of everything, including how to check that the new pair of glasses you have absolutely fallen in love with, absolutely suit your face and skin tone with the ‘Selfie View’. You can upload a picture of your face directly to our website and then load any style of eyeglasses, including our extensive range of women’s sunglasses and men’s sunglasses, directly onto your own face to check that they really do look as amazing as you thought they would. And, don’t let the price stop you.

Not only do we guarantee the best price across our entire range of styles from every brand that you know and love – and not only do we offer you the same health fund rebates you’re used to receiving – but you can also buy your next pair of prescription glasses, including prescription sunglasses, using AfterPay. You get your new favourite frames at the best possible price and then comfortably pay them off over four fortnights. Welcome to the new way of shopping for glasses made for people who want the most affordable price for the latest styles.

How to get glasses

If you have recognised a need for some help with your eyesight, then the first stop you should make is at your local optometrist. An optometrist is a healthcare professional who specialises in the eye, particularly in diseases, injuries and the systemic structures of the eye including the strength or weakness of your eyesight. They perform eye examinations such as vision tests to determine whether you suffer from conditions like near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. If you suffer from near-sightedness, then objects up close are nice and crisp and clear but objects located farther away are often blurry or indistinct. If you suffer from far-sightedness then objects farther away are crisp and clear and the objects closer to you, particularly text and small type, can be difficult to distinguish. People with astigmatism suffer from a curvature of the cornea or lens which results in blurry vision experienced at all distances.

An optometrist is able to perform your eye test for you and check the general health of your eyes, spotting possible signs of disease and ways to treat them. If your optometrist recommends that you get some glasses to help with your vision, then they will issue you a prescription for corrective eyewear. Traditionally, you would then shop with the optometrist for the perfect pair of new glasses to help you correct your eyesight and see a little clearer. However, thanks to Vision Direct, you don’t have to settle for high prices or a limited selection of styles and brands in Australia anymore. Instead, you can take your lens prescription and then search online through our catalogue of the latest new in styles from brands and designers like Gucci and Michael Kors.

Our range of glasses includes women’s glasses and men’s glasses as well as a range of kids glasses, available for both regular and prescription lenses. All of our styles are selected from the world’s best and most popular brands including Ray-Ban and Oakley.

If you’ve never had glasses before, then learning that you need to find a frame shape and colour that suits your face shape might sound a little alarming. Most people will take a friend or family member along with them when they’re trying on glasses. Getting someone else’s opinion can be helpful when you’re trying on style after style. It’s handy to have someone with you who can remember what the Wayfarer pair looked like versus the classic aviator style that you tried on first and then offer you as objective an opinion as possible about how they suited your skin tone and face. Or, at least, that’s how it used to be. Now, however, you can actually search through our complete collection of styles online and then load them directly onto your own selfie to check for yourself how amazing your new cat-eye lenses actually look. It’s our virtual try on tool that lets you make a fully considered decision about your new glasses frames. Buying glasses online is quicker, easier and more affordable than window shopping in person.

But how do you ensure that you’re choosing the right frame? People who have been wearing glasses for years might have a certain style they prefer but how suited are they really to your face shape and your skin tone? Are you choosing the best style of glasses?

Let’s start with the most classic style of glasses: rimless frames. Rimless frames actually suit everyone but they’re not for everyone. To wear rimless frames, you need to be quite confident and some people prefer the security of chunkier frames to help balance out their face shape or to accentuate the colour of their eyes or hair. If you’re considering a rimless pair of glasses, then you’ll need to ensure that the size of the lens complements your face structure. Generally speaking, when choosing a style of frame, you should always lean toward a shape or structure that is the exact opposite of your actual face. By choosing a shape or style that is rounded when you have a squarer, more angular face will help to balance out rather than emphasise your natural angles in the same way that people with a round face benefit from more angular styles of frames. Rimless glasses are easy to choose because all you need to worry about the lens type and the size.

If you’re not keen on a rimless look then there are thousands of other styles, shapes and colours you can choose from offered by absolute maestros of design like Ralph Lauren, Arnette and Gucci. As with rimless glasses, when you’re looking for a flattering style and shape always opt for something that is the exact opposite of your natural face shape. For example, if you have a longer face (as in longer than it is wide) then you’re not going to want a large and chunky style of frame that extends beyond the width of your face. Choosing a frame shape like this will actually accentuate how long your face is, making it appear narrower than it actually is. For people with a long and narrow face shape, you’ll want to look at more rounded frame styles like the classic clubmaster style and semi-rimless designs. These styles of frames will balance out your natural shape and introduce some gentle curves to your face, softening it and broadening it rather than hardening and narrowing your features. If you’re considering polarised sunglasses, then pair darker lens colours with darker skin and hair tones rather than fairer skin and hair.

For anyone with a broader face shape, such as the classic heart shaped face type which is wider at the cheekbones and then narrower at the chin, consider more rectangular styles of frames for your glasses. If you’re searching for women’s glasses, then you don’t have to choose a masculine and angular style to find something flattering (unless, of course, that’s what you’re looking for in which case you’ve nailed the most flattering style for your natural face shape). There’s plenty of soft and classic styles by brands and designers like Versace and Dragon which offer you the angles that look best on your face shape without delivering too strong a look. Again, for lighter skin tones opt for a lighter coloured lens and frame like tortoiseshell and grey lenses.

If you love the look and feel of the classic aviator style of glasses, then you’re in luck because they suit nearly everyone. The face shapes that they really suit include the square face which typically suits round frame lenses like the classic John Lennon look. Of course, you don’t need to go fully John Lennon to achieve a flattering frame and if you’re not into a rounded lens at all, then the aviator is the classic ‘go-to’ perfect for your face shape.

Along with our range of prescription glasses and polarised lenses, we also offer blue light glasses. Blue light lenses are normal lenses that have been treated with a special coating designed to filter out harsh light emitted from blue light devices like your smart devices at your computer monitor. Blue light has been associated with eye strain and headaches, sometimes worsening eyesight over time due to the muscular strain on the eye. During the checkout process you can easily add zFORT™ blue light block to any designer frames of your choosing.

Browse our complete range of glasses online and virtually try on your favourite pairs before you buy. Get the best price across our entire selection, guaranteed, and enjoy free 100 day returns if you do happen to purchase the wrong style or colour for your face. We are the new, easier and more affordable way to get the most popular glasses and frames at the best possible price.

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