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Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal contact lenses help you see at different distances, as they have multiple sections to see close up, far away and even distances in between. One pair of multifocal lenses can be used while driving, using a computer, reading a book and shopping.


When we reach the age of 40, our ability to see nearby objects declines. This is known as presbyopia. Multifocal lenses offer a way to improve and enhance presbyopic patient’s vision. Multifocal lenses alternate your vision using two or more powers. When you wear multifocal lenses, your pupil alternates between the different powers from the top to the bottom of the lenses. 


How do multifocal contact lenses work?


There are two types of multifocals- they’re simultaneous vision and segmented or alternating vision.


Simultaneous vision lenses have specific zones for distant or near vision. As the name suggests, you can simultaneously see between the different sections. Now, they can be distinct or smoothly blended between the edges of different prescription sections. Segmented or alternating vision lenses work the same way as bifocal glasses- the middle and top section of the lenses correct distance vision and the lower section corrects near vision.


Best Multifocal Lenses


  1. BioTrue ONEday for Presbyopia These disposable lenses are made of their new material called HyperGel. It’s a bio-inspired material that imitates the lipid layer of tear film. This means that the lenses don’t dry up, nor do they compromise with vision clarity. The lenses contain 78% of water and hence are able to provide a natural and fresh feel. The Hypergel allows a high level of oxygen to pass through to the cornea without containing silicone.
  2. Proclear 1 Day Multifocal Proclear contacts are approved by the US FDA for their claim of improved comfort for contact lenses who tend to experience mild discomfort or dryness during their lens wear.
  3. Biofinity Multifocal Contact Lenses Biofinity lenses are designed by CooperVision and can be worn by 7 consecutive days because of their Aquaform technology which allows oxygen to easily pass through eyes, keeping them moist. This advanced technology reduces the need to add further silicone and achieves high breathability.