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Round Glasses

Round glasses are distinctive and ideal for styling various types of outfit. Depending on the style you choose, round frames can be the one thing that speaks the loudest volume in your attire. Round thin frames are cute and add a touch of intellectual charm to your outfits. A pair of bold round eyewear is glamorous and difficult to ignore; it will make you stand out from the crowd. There’re many frame styles in the eyewear world, but round frame glasses remain one of the best when it comes to unique and timeless styles.


Do you fancy glasses that make you look posh and different from the people around you? Round frame glasses are known for such magic. Round frame eyewear comes in various frame and lens designs that stand out from other brands. They’re classic and send different messages depending on frame design, size of the lenses and colour combination.


At Vision Direct, there’re the latest designs of round frame glasses for men and women. They come with unique features that suit either gender. Circle frame eyewear is available as eyeglasses and sunglasses with functional enhancements. Both come in stylish frames that gain people’s admiration at a glance.

Round Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Round frames look good on square face shapes. The square face shape is characterised by a broad forehead, full cheek and rounded chin. Round frames glasses complement these facial features and fit square faces. However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of round frames looking good on people with face shapes other than square.


Human facial features are sophisticated. In some cases, these face shape rules don’t apply. The right approach is to try on several frame shapes to find the one that fits best. There’re many styles of round frame glasses; you’ll eventually find what suits your face shape perfectly.

Round frame eyewear is still in vogue. Having been around for many decades, they’ve always been top on the chart of trending eyewear frame styles. Circle frames came onto the scene in the 1920s. Since then, they’ve survived countless fashion circles and trends. Round eyewear made a significant comeback in recent times with frame models that suit contemporary designs and fashion preferences.

The first step is to choose the right frame style for your face shape. After that, colour combination skill and a general sense of fashion are what determine how good you’ll look in round style glasses. Choose frames to suit your colour. There are several colours of round frames to select from. Endeavour to put your skin and hair colour into consideration when shopping for glasses.


Knowing how to strike a balance between round frame glasses and make-up is essential. Make-up must be in perfect tune with the glasses for the charm of round eyewear to reflect maximally. For instance, dark frames combine better with neutral and minimum make-up with no bright lipstick and heavy eyeliner.


Wear glasses that match your facial features. If you’re proud of a particular facial quality, you’ve to use glasses that magnify it. For instance, you may select brown frames to match your brown eyes. On the same note, you may choose red frames to match the colour of your eyebrow hair.


Let your glasses be in line with your wardrobe and lifestyle. Frames that work well for a vintage style might not look good in athletic outfits. Your glasses should match or complement the colour of your outfit. They shouldn’t look out of place for your professional lifestyle and fashion preferences.


Looking for where to buy round glasses online? The best place to purchase round frame glasses in Australia is Vision Direct, a leading glasses retailer with an exhaustive range of round eyeglasses, round prescription glasses and sunglasses available in various designer labels. Our service is efficient and fast; orders are delivered to the desired places within a few days.


Buying from us is hassle-free. In four simple steps, you’ll have your favourite designer round frame glasses delivered to your doorstep. Once you’ve figured out your face shape, we can filter and find your best frames on our website. We provide a filter and style finder feature that makes sorting through the extensive collections of glasses easy.


Next, select your lenses. If you need to correct your eye vision, there’re prescription glasses for that purpose. We offer blue light glasses for blocking blue light from electronic screens. Get in touch with our responsive customer service team to discuss your options. After that, input your information and checkout. AfterPay is available to split the cost over weekly instalments.


Buy your dream round style glasses from our range of men’s glasses, women’s sunglasses, kids’ glasses, and women's glasses. At Vision Direct, we offer a 24-month warranty, a 100-day return policy and the best price guarantee - applicable to orders within 14 days.


We've got a wide range of sunglasses in stock, including polarised sunglasses. These sunnies are available in several designer labels such as Gucci, Versace, Prada, Ray-Ban and Dior sunglasses.


Buy iconic round glasses for women, men or kids in Australia at Vision Direct and enjoy free shipping Australia-wide and a free lens care kit for all orders.