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Value Collection Glasses

Are you on google searching tirelessly for the perfect pair of glasses online? Not knowing the name of the frame type you are looking for or being unaware of how many fashionable glasses types are out there? Then you’ve landed on the perfect page to buy glasses online. Here is your saving grace! Our Value Collection at SmartBuy is quite literally the collection of the latest trendy glasses all on one page. When you shop our Value Collection, you don’t need to have the fear of missing out wondering if you have in trend frames or if the glasses are good quality or not. This is the collection that will meet all of your eyewear needs and desires!


Why buy glasses online?

The world is changing rapidly, and so is how we shop! Change can feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but some change is for the greater good, and it’s not as daunting as you think. In fact, you may just realise that in some aspects, it’s better! 


Online shopping gives everyone the opportunity to have freedom. We should all have the choice to have a bit of both, whether that be in the comfort of our homes or in a store, rest assured with a great company that has a deep passion for quality products and customer service, we can provide you with everything you’re looking for. If you’re new to shopping online or wish to understand how to shop effortlessly, check out our how to buy section which will guide you in four simple steps.


 We want to help you find the perfect pair of glasses that you need. We aren’t just about fashion at SmartBuy, we aim to dive deep and tick the boxes for everyone. Whether you are looking for something more personal like  prescription glasses online , reading glasses online, or want to know more about the eyes and what is best for you, rest assured we can help you. SmartBuy and our excellent customer service team will work endlessly to provide you with everything you need, step by step.


Slay with quality over quantity all day

We’ve all heard of the term ‘quality over quantity’, but when you actually implement this rule into your life, it makes everything feel so right. This rule is key in the fashion industry whether it be your clothes or glasses, quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. All of our glasses at Smartbuy are made with 100% love and attention to detail with the finest quality plastics and metals, with our own unique style in every frame. So not only will you look good, you’ll feel it too. 


Having the right to feel good for less

Today, we have the option of finding thousands of cheap glasses online but with that may come low quality glasses. At SmartBuy we strongly believe that everyone should look good for less, without having to compromise. To achieve these results, we have made the investment of ensuring that all of our glasses start off with high quality materials simply just for less. No matter what walk of life you have come from, feeling good within yourself is our birth right, and isn’t an option we should have taken away from us. At SmartBuy we are all one, and everyone deserves to be happy, even if that means buying a pair of trendy glasses that won’t break the bank.


Dare for the perfect pair

With our online glasses in our Value Collection, you’ll have so many stylish glasses to choose from which is why we will now speak about our most fashionable and demanded glasses frames online.


Crowns for the rounds

Yes, the ruler of all glasses, the elite originals that come around like an ageless boomerang. Round spectacle frames haven’t just been the glasses that the world loves, but are glasses online Australia loves. Round glasses have been seen to be getting more artistic, fashionable and sexier. Our Value Collection has a huge range of round glasses, from sophisticated scientist to swanky fashionista, you’ll find every must have round pair of glasses in our Value Collection. No need to look any further, it’s all right here!


Grab a square pair


What traditional yet sexy frames they are. The pair that never seem to go out of fashion and just get hotter and hotter over time. Square glasses are the go-to for work, studying, and for that real professional look. Today, square glasses have been transformed into the ultimate fashion piece where they have grown into chunky pieces, oversized pieces and have flourished more within the fashion industry. Best believe there’s a square pair for every occasion!


Top tear clear

The famous and new online glasses obsession! Transparent glasses have turnt up, and what a statement they have made! Our transparent frames are one of the eyewear industry’s most in demand, and this is for several reasons. Transparent frames seem to suit anyone due to the subtleness in frame and colour. They look great on different face shapes and seem to compliment almost any complexion or style that someone carries. Transparent frames vary in sizes, the most popular being the round frames, oversized frames or square frames. Due to the range of colours being so delicate and refreshing, transparent glasses really compliment any occasion, any season,  any style and any personality, which sometimes isn’t the case with other frames. The best part of the clear glasses frames is that the simpleness of these glasses still manages to express such a big statement, that less is more.


Mini me glasses

That’s right, any pair of glasses that we are selling within our Value Collection, we have an almost identical kids glasses online range. It’s important for us not to forget the importance of children’s confidence, how it makes them radiate and who it shapes them into. For this reason, SmartBuy loves to invest their creativity and passion in making children feel just as seen as they desire to, or to at least let the glasses enhance parts of their personality. Glasses can be daunting for children and especially in school, which is why we believe it’s just as important for children to feel good at the times they need their personality and confidence to shine out the most. Let’s shape them into little warriors and teach them that they were born to SHINE. Behind every young child is a parent who believed in them first. Check out our awesome kids range here.


All of this information is the ingredients you need to have the best online shopping experience. Our website is full with so many helpful resources ready at your fingertips. Furthermore, to have that real shopping vibe that you may be longing for but simply in the comfort of your own home, use our Virtual Try-On tool and try-on as many glasses as you wish, just virtually! No ques, no fuss, no pressure. If you’d like a more in depth look at what frames will suit you and your face shape best, we also have our popular face shape guide! 

Fashion is art and you are the canvas. It’s your birthright to feel powerful and confident, and we are providing you with all the tools with our Value collection, so shop now and don’t miss out! We’re certain you’ll love our frames as much as we do.