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    Sport Sunglasses Ski-goggles Sunglasses


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    Sport Sunglasses Ski-goggles Sunglasses

    Cycling sunglasses are used to protect the eyes when cycling. When riding, there is a need to maintain a clear vision. Clear cycling glasses are ideal for dull days, while glasses with tinted lenses protect your eyes from glare on a sunny day. Even though cycling sunnies’ primary purpose is to protect cyclists’ eyes, good looks matter as well. Cycling shades come in a range of designs and colour combinations to make you look good and keep your eyes safe.


    Why wear cycling sunglasses?

    Cycling glasses improve your vision when cycling. Direct sunlight to your eyes can cause blurred vision. It’s dangerous to have an impaired vision when cycling. When severe, it can lead to accidents. Polarised sunglasses block glare from surfaces and improve the eye vision of cyclists. Glare can shine in your eyes from any flat surface such as street signs, windows, ice and can impair your view or cause distraction.


    Cycling glasses block ultraviolet light. Prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to the development of eye problems such as cataract. UV rays have a slow and cumulative negative effect on eye cells. They damage eye cells, even though the outcome is not always apparent immediately. It has been reported that most of the eye issues reported by adults result from chronic exposure to UV rays in the early stages of life.


    Cycling glasses protect the eyes against flying insects. The same way you ride on your bike going about for your daily activities, flies are busy flying around in no particular direction, looking for unfortunate cyclists to enter their eyes. Sunglasses provide a protective barrier against insects.


    Cycling glasses shield the eyes from rain, wind, and dust. In rainy weather, glasses protect the eyes from rain droplets containing sand particles and other debris. In the same vein, wind, dust and other debris cause problems for cyclists. But with sunglasses, all of that is under control. The protection aside, cycling sunnies look pretty. Sunshades are as much of a fashion accessory as a functional piece of cycling kit.


    What to look for in cycling sunglasses?

    Before choosing cycling glasses, check the UV light blocking capacity of the lenses. Good cycling sunnies should have 100% UV ray blocking capacity. This is to make sure your eyes are optimally protected against ultraviolet rays. Check the product label or description to see the UV blocking capacity of cycling shades before purchasing.


    One of the things cyclists try to avoid is glare. Glare interrupt vision and can lead to accidents. To get rid of glare when cycling, you need polarised sunglasses. Polarised lenses can block reflections from flat surfaces such as road, glass, traffic light and water.


    The materials used in making cycling lenses should be strong enough to withstand pressure from wind, rain, sand particles and other debris. Cycling sunnies continuously collide with particles capable of breaking thin glasses. The frames and lenses should be impact-resistant with weather-resistant protective coatings.


    Good goggles have to cover the entire eye area. For cycling sunglasses to offer optimal protection, the whole eye area should be covered. For this purpose, wraparound sunglasses are the best. If you don’t like wraparound frame styles, make sure to look out for sunnies with lenses broad enough to protect your entire eyes.


    Choose frame styles and sizes that are firm on your face. This is to prevent the glasses from detaching while in motion. Once again, wraparound shades fit firmly and are less likely to remove when on the go. However, prioritise comfort. Look for a pair of glasses that won’t hurt you when worn for a long time. Design and aesthetic appeal are among the features worthy of consideration. The utility of cycling sunnies is beyond protection - how they look on you matters as much.


    Looking for the best place to buy cycling sunglasses online? You’ll get high-quality sunglasses and the best prices at Vision Direct. We feature an extensive collection of cycling sunnies, available in various frame styles, lens qualities and colours. Our service is efficient and speedy. Orders are handled and delivered within a few days.


    We offer a face shape guide to help you figure out your face shape and the right frames for you. We also provide a Virtual Try-On tool that allows you to wear frames virtually to find what fits you best. Buying from us is simple and straightforward. Firstly, use our website’s filter feature to find the style, size, colour and brand of sunglasses you want; add them to the cart, enter your information and checkout.


    Buy your dream glasses from our range of men’s glasses, women’s sunglasses, kids’ glasses and women's glasses. In case you need lenses to adjust your vision, we offer prescription glasses for that purpose. Reach out to our customer care team to discuss your prescription. Our blue light glasses are ideal for preserving your eyes if you spend a lot of time with electronic screens.


    We feature several sunglasses luxury brands such as Dior, Versace, Prada, Ray-Ban and Gucci. These designer glasses are available at fair rates with a 24-month warranty, a 100-day hassle-free return policy and a price match guarantee. Place an order for your cycling sunglasses at Vision Direct to enjoy high-quality glasses and free shipping throughout Australia.


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