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Prada Glasses

Founded in the city of fashion, Milan in 1913, by Mario Prada. They first specialised in leather handbags, shoes, and fashion accessories that were, and are today, wildly famous for their high-quality fashion pieces that reflect the glamorous designer feels. With time, Prada has flourished in the fashion industry and they are famously known for their elegant premium quality clothing and everyday essentials such as the Iconic Prada glasses.


To date, Prada is one of the famous and most prestigious designer brands in the world. If you’re looking for a pair of Prada prescription glasses that sing class, affluence, and luxury, then the reputable collection of Prada frames for men and women at VisionDirect is the place to start your search!


Prada Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Due to Prada being one of the most luxurious and class A names out there, they evidently have the light on them when it comes to ranking as one of the most popular designer brands. With this, Prada glasses and sunglasses fall into the category of being one of the highest in demand frames, indeed making Prada glasses one of the best collections yet. 


Most glasses are either made of metal or plastic, but you’ll be pleased to know that most Prada glasses and sunglasses are made of Zyl. Zyl is a popular plastic material used by manufacturers that is more versatile and durable, so If you’re looking for high-end, affluent looking frames that have been designed with high quality in mind, then look no further than the latest Prada glasses collection. 

All Prada glasses and sunglasses are manufactured by the best of the best, Luxottica, in fashion-orientated Italy. These frames are crafted to extraordinary standards with solid materials, guaranteeing you sturdy, long-lasting Prada prescription glasses.

1. Certificate of authenticity - All Prada glasses for men and women should come with a certificate of authenticity. This normally includes the brand name, and information about the frames such as the materials used. The authenticity certificate should also include warranty information. Without a certificate, it’s likely that your Prada glasses may not be authentic. 


2. Price- If it’s too good to be true, it probably is! The average price of Prada glasses is around $250. Most ‘fakes’ can be reasonably cheap, so please ensure that when you’re purchasing Prada glasses, they’re from a reputable and trustworthy e-retailer. 


3. Glasses case- It’s equally as important to check what your Prada glasses come with and what they come in, such as the packaging and glasses case. The glasses case and cloth should both have the original Prada logo on, and the case should be sturdy and of good quality, not ‘cheap’ or frail looking. 


4. Eyeglasses- The most important part! Your purchased Prada glasses as a whole are the biggest indicators. The Prada logo should be located on the insides of the arms and should be etched onto the frame neatly and evenly. The letters within the Prada logo should be clear, with no smudges or blurriness, and should not come off if you were to lightly scratch with your finger. Most counterfeit Prada glasses will have a poorly written logo with small but clear ‘errors’.


5. Quality- The quality of your frames will speak volumes and will be one of the biggest indicators of knowing whether your Prada glasses are counterfeit or not. Your Prada glasses should look delicately made, without the arms or hinges feeling as if they are going to break. 


6. Model number- You’ll be able to find this on the insides of the Prada glasses arm. The best way of finding out whether your frames are authentic or not is to search the code that is on your frames, online. Once the code comes up online, your Prada glasses should match the resulting pair. Most counterfeit frames will have a model number etched onto an arm,  however, these numbers are taken at random and added to any frames, which is how they are discovered as inauthentic. 


Overall it’s important to have a thorough check of your Prada glasses once they have arrived. The most important factor has to be the company you have purchased from. It’s always best to shop with reputable brands, where you’ll be able to find information about the company online such as their contact/customer service information, store and operating locations, as well as being able to find an ‘about us’ page. Want to find out why you should buy from Vision Direct? Find out all you need to know on our authenticity page!


Once you’re ready to shop, you’ll be able to try on some of the most in-demand Prada prescription glasses such as the Prada Symbole ranges, Prada clear frames, followed by the iconic oversized ‘chunky but funky’ styles. You’ll be able to do so from the comfort of your own home with no queues, no fuss, and no pressure with our ingenious Virtual Try-On tool

Once you have found your perfect Prada pair and head to checkout, you’ll receive FREE shipping and the best price guaranteed on every frame. Which iconic Prada piece has caught your eye the most? Happy shopping!