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    Full Rim Glasses


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    Full Rim Glasses

    Full-rim glasses are a classic and timeless frame type. The full-rim glasses frame allows you to experiment with your look and choose between frame material, shape and colour! They're an instant eye-catcher that elevates your look like nothing else.


    Shop by colour and go for a classic black frame or choose a vibrant blue. Full-rim glasses also come in all shapes and sizes. You can opt for square or full-rim round glasses depending on your face shape


    It doesn’t stop there! You can choose between various frame materials to make your eyes shine! For a subtle look, check out our range of full-rim metal glasses. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a pair of thick acetate glasses to stand out from the crowd.


    What is a rim in glasses?

    The rim on glasses is simply the frame that encompasses the lenses. Full-rim glasses are pretty self-explanatory; the frames completely cover the edge of your prescription lenses to provide maximum stability and comfort.


    Full-rim prescription glasses are the most sturdy, durable and impact-resistant glasses. These glasses are perfect if you’re a clumsy person and always seem to drop everything. For this reason, full-rim glasses frames are also the perfect pair of kid's glasses


    Which frame type is better?

    When choosing which frame type you want, you have three choices: semi-rimless glasses, rimless glasses and full-rim glasses frames. There is no way to say which type is better since it all depends on your personal style!


    Are full-rim glasses cool?

    The best thing about full-rim glasses? The possibilities and looks are endless! Full-rim glasses will give you that classic vibe and pair effortlessly with any aesthetic.


    Full-rim glasses aren’t just cool, they’re stylish, retro and modern all at once. Remember to use our Virtual Try-On tool to try before you buy. 


    Shop confidentially with us at Vision Direct to find your perfect pair of full-rim glasses frames

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