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Cat-eye Glasses

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Cat-eye Glasses

Heard about the cat-eye glasses trend and want in? From chic to high-class, there’s a cat-eye pair for every occasion, every style and attitude. With cat-eye glasses evolving with time alongside some of the most conventional yet modern designs, you’re bound to find your dreamy contemporary pair. With time, fashion flourishes, and so has cat-eye glasses. Continue reading all about it to discover the hottest yet sophisticated everyday cat-eye prescription glasses

Cat-eye Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Cat-eye glasses- a true fashion statement, the cat-eye style is synonymous with a classic and sophisticated style. They are a classic look that has been updated time and time again to suit modern styles and trends. 


Cat-eye glasses are quite literally a frame style that replicates and represents the daring cat-eye shape, with the upper corners of the frames that elongate outwards, providing a rare, cut edge look. The frames were first made in the 1930s by the American artist Altina Schinasi. Since then, the retro and alluring frames have been an ageless boomerang that comes back better than ever each fashion season.  Cat-eye glasses frames were made in a masculine driven era, and these frames empowered women at the time, connecting females through confidence-boosting eyewear.  If you’re looking for eyewear that withholds a moving historic story, then there’s nothing more powerful than a pair for cat-eyes frames!

Are cat-eye glasses attractive?

Designed to complement an array of eye colours and adorned with everything from Swarovski crystals to exaggerated bows and laser cut designs,  cat-eye glasses are not going out of style any time soon. Giving you a sense of intrigue and playfulness with a sprinkle of history that many styles are lacking, cat-eye glasses are indeed deemed very attractive for many reasons. This particular style frame looks most alluring when used for work or education, instantly adding heat to any casual ‘everyday’ outfit. 

Believe it or not, there is a cat-eye frame for every face! From extra bold and sharp styles to the more petite and soft, no matter what face shape, there is guaranteed a perfect pair waiting for you!


Moreover, each frame style always has a face shape that it compliments the most, and with cat-eye glasses, oval, round,and square faces are the perfect match! Why? Cat-eye glasses and their pointed edges that gravitate outwards, instantly highlight the length and shape of a face. Cat-eye glasses tend to have a natural-looking effect of pulling the face upwards, highlighting the parts we love the most, like the cheekbones, jawlines, and the length of the face. Although highlighting the facial features of square and oval faces the most, the different types of cat-eye glasses work perfectly with various face shapes which we will now mention below.


If you have an oval or round face shape, cat-eye glasses were made for you! All types of styles will suit you, however, there’s a perfect type for everyone! The cat-eye glasses that work superbly with your face shape will be something more elegant, such as an everyday cat-eye prescription glasses ‘look’; something soft, and not so oversized. A delicate and more classy cat-eye frame will help to balance out an oval face's strong features, allowing you to withhold a retro look but with balance.


Similarly,  if you have a square face, the smaller the better! Square faces tend to have strong features such as a sharp jawline and more visible cheekbones, and this is where smaller cat-eye glasses will work their magic! This particular style will enhance the length of the face in comparison to ‘taking up’ the face length, enhancing what you already have! 


Lastly, if you have a heart shaped face, go hard or go home! This face shape tends to have a wider forehead, narrow jawline, and high cheekbones. This means that any cat-eye frame that is patterned, floral or slightly oversized will be the perfect pair for you!


Speaking of face shapes, do you know which category you fall into? All you have to do is head to the creative and informative face-shape guide online, distinguish what face shape you are, then try on your dream cat-eye glasses with the ingenious Virtual Try-On tool! If you’re on the hunt for your dream cat-eye prescription glasses, we’ve made every step easier for you, allowing you to shop with pleasure!

Lastly, you’ll be able to find some of the most retro, wild, classy, and classic cat-eye glasses in Australia, providing you with a perfect variety, allowing you to find your desired pair. You’ll be able to hunt down the most in-demand cat-eye glasses from top designer brands such as Prada, Tom Ford, Guess, and much more. Get shopping today to receive FREE shipping and the best price guaranteed on every frame!