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Tom Ford Glasses

Tom Ford glasses are among the most popular in the world today and for good reason. They come in a variety of designs, colours and lens options. They also conform to the highest standards of quality.


At Vision Direct online, we not only offer Tom Ford glasses but also avail iconic options such as Gucci, Versace, Ray-Ban, Dior and Prada glasses. By simply browsing through our website, you will be able to have a glimpse at the range of prescription and regular glasses for men, women and kids.


Tom Ford Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Buy quality Tom Ford glasses at Vision Direct online. We offer a range of casual and prescription glasses to suit every gender and age. Simply browse through our website, select the pair of glasses or sunglasses that tickles your fancy and add it to the cart. Our team will quickly process your order and have it delivered to a convenient address for you.

Here are some of the things you should consider before choosing the ideal Tom Ford glasses.


The frame material

The material used to design the frame should be among the first things you think about. Metal frames are durable and quite thin in terms of profile. This gives them a sleek appearance and that is why a lot of professionals prefer glasses made of metal frames. Another advantage of metal is that it can easily get back to its original shape in case you accidentally sit on it or place something heavy on it.


Plastic frames are lightweight but versatile enough to be used in creating a variety of designs. Glasses with plastic frames are quite sturdy which is why they are recommended for active people including sportsmen and children. Plastic also allows designers to use different colours and patterns during manufacturing.


There are also unique frames that can be designed using materials such as wood, horn and bones. Wood is eco-friendly and lightweight while animal bones and horns are unique and therefore extremely stylish.


The shape of the glasses

The shape of the Tom Ford glasses you pick can determine how good they look on you. Round face shapes often go well with aviators, square and rectangular glasses while oval-shaped faces tend to match with geometric, classic wayframe and browline glasses. Of course, there are many more face shapes to consider which is why you should take advantage of Vision Direct’s virtual try-on feature to ensure you get the perfect match for your face.


The size of the glasses

It is prudent to let an optometrist take accurate measurements of your head or face to ensure that the glasses you get are a perfect fit. In most cases, optometrists can determine the best length for the lenses, the bridge and the arms. They also determine the right distance between the two lenses depending on the distance between your two pupils. Glasses that are too small may cause discomfort while those that are too large may slip down your face and compromise cosmetics.


The colour of the glasses

Tom Ford glasses come in a variety of colours including black, white grey, blue, yellow, green and red. When getting glasses that can be used in the workplace, it is often recommended that you go for a single colour. Conservative colours such as silver, grey and black are recommended for men while brown, gold, silver and black may be ideal for women. If you are looking for glasses to wear casually, you have the freedom to go for just about any colour as long as it matches your outfit and style.


The wearer

There are specific glasses designed to suit different genders. To make it easy for you to identify the right glasses, Vision Direct has organized products under men’s glasses, women’s glasses and kids glasses. You can also find unisex glasses which can be worn by both men and women.


The lenses

There are different types of lenses that can be used to design glasses and understanding how each one works can be key to choosing the best.


● Aspheric lenses are characterised by a slim profile and tend to eliminate the bulbous bug-eyed look that other lenses have.


● Wavefront technology lenses are fabricated depending on the exact way light enters the eyes. They offer exceptional vision clarity.


● High-index lenses are often made of plastic material and can correct extreme vision problems.


● Photochromic lenses darken automatically in bright light and clear up as light intensity decreases. They are an excellent choice for protection against the sun’s UV rays.


● Polarized lenses are designed in such a way that they reduce reflective glare from flat, shiny surfaces such as water. They are also known for decreasing eye fatigue.


● Polycarbonate and trivex lenses are thin and quite lightweight which makes them a comfortable choice for just about anyone. They are extremely tough and that is why they are often recommended for active people and children.