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Women's Glasses

Find the perfect pair of women's glasses with ease when you shop with us at Vision Direct. If you find it difficult to decide on your next pair of glasses, we have a solution! With our great range of women's designer glasses, Virtual Try-On and 2-year warranty, we make the process fun, easy and enjoyable. 


At Vision Direct, we have a diverse selection of glasses frames for women to choose from. Whether you are after clear frame glasses, luxury brands or an adventurous pair from Arise Collective, you can express yourself every day through your frames.


Once you have found your perfect pair, you can customise the lenses during the checkout process. Choose from a wide range of lenses including reading glasses for women, blue light blocking glasses or your normal prescription lenses. If you need help deciding which lenses are right for you, ask our optician online or check out our Optical Centre for useful information!


If you lost your prescription but still have your old glasses, you can use our Lens Scanner free app to instantly reveal your Rx details. The technology scans your old glasses to instantly reveal the power of your lenses from the comfort of your own home. It’s that easy!


Shop with Vision Direct 

Choosing your next pair of stylish women's glasses is easy with our guides and tools that will ensure you buy the perfect pair just for you. With our large range of glasses frames for women and our best price guarantee, you can’t go wrong when shopping with us. 


Once you select your frames, you can upload your prescription at checkout or send it later. You can also customise your lenses with tints, polarisation, or transition effects, as well as enjoying the protection of blue light glasses. If you need any assistance during checkout, our unbeatable customer service team is always available and ready to help. 


To give you confidence when shopping online with us, we offer an exclusive 24-Month Warranty on all of our glasses, sunglasses and prescription lenses. In addition, we also have a 100-Day Return Policy in case you want to make a return or exchange.


Shop confidently with us at Vision Direct to find your next perfect pair of women’s glasses to look your best wherever you are.

Women's Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

When looking through potential frames, perhaps you wonder if some of the styles are really women's glasses. While some frames are made to be unisex, normally there is a difference between men's and women's glasses. 


Genetically speaking, men typically have wider set eyes, ears and larger noses compared to women. Because of this, men's glasses are usually made with a longer bridge and wider frame to best suit their facial structure. On the other hand, glasses frames for women generally have a smaller frame size and bridge to better suit the facial structure. 


However, style is a personal choice. While women can wear glasses designed for men, they may not be the right shape or size for your face. Be sure to read our glasses size guide before buying. Through our selection of over 30,000 women’s glasses, you will be sure to find the perfect pair that fits you comfortably and suits your style. 

Through different seasons or eyewear trends, staying up to date with the most fashionable glasses can be important. Luckily, you can easily find stylish glasses for women from our range of 15 different frame shapes and colours. 


Vintage-inspired frames, such as styles from Ray-Ban, will always be in style as they deliver classic, timeless looks all year round. Clear glasses give a clean, fresh look to revamp your style in the office or in your everyday life. While women’s designer glasses will always be in style, they may not be in everyone’s price range. At Vision Direct, we also offer affordable glasses for you to look your best for less. 


To find the latest stylish glasses for women you can read our blog for the latest trends in women's eyewear. You can also experiment with frame colour and shape to show off your personality or upgrade any look. With our women's glasses filters, you can easily find the frames that best suit you!

Attractiveness may be subject to each person, but when you radiate confidence, it will be infectious to everyone around you. Selecting the best women's glasses for you will help you beam with confidence and feel attractive when you’re wearing your glasses. 


To determine which frames will look best on you, you can visit our face shape guide. Whether your face is oval, square, round or heart-shaped, our guide will explain which frame shapes and styles will suit you the most.


Once you know which frame shape and style will flatter your face the most, the next step is to virtually try them on! We’ve taken the uncertainty out of buying glasses online thanks to our Virtual Try-On tool. You can easily try out our huge selection of glasses to ensure you look your best before you buy.