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Acetate Glasses

Acetate is a type of plastic that is better suited to glasses frames than other plastics. This article takes a look at the advantages of acetate glasses.
Acetate Glasses

What are acetate glasses

Acetate is a nylon-based plastic, making them higher quality than regular plastic material. Because of the way they are made, acetate glasses are often a better option than regular plastic when it comes to choosing the best glasses frames type for you.

Not only is acetate more durable and flexible than other plastics, it is also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly as they are made from natural, renewable resources. Read on to learn about all the benefits of acetate frames. 

Acetate glasses vs. other plastic glasses

Affordability: Plastic glasses are cheaper to produce than other materials such as titanium, and therefore they are more affordable to purchase. Acetate, being a type of plastic, is a more durable yet affordable option for types of eyeglasses frames.

With the SmartBuy Collection acetate frames, you can choose from over 140 frames that best fit your budget and style, starting from just $30.

Durability: Conventional plastic glasses are made up from a mixture of substances moulded into a frame shape. Acetate glasses are made of multiple polished layers of plastic, making them more durable than conventional plastic frames.

Part of what makes acetate glasses more durable is that they’re more flexible than other plastics, giving you more wiggle room.

Lasting Color: As conventional plastic is made from one layer of material, the color is typically sprayed or painted on. Acetate frames, on the other hand, are made from multiple layers of color blocks. This results in a richer color that is more likely to survive everyday wear and tear without fading or rubbing off.

Types of eyeglasses frames

When you buy your next pair of glasses, it’s important to know which materials are best for you. Some factors to consider are price, resistancy, and fit. We’ve put together this guide of frame materials below to give you a general overview of acetate glasses compared to other frame options: 

  • Acetate: Acetate glasses are a low price option much like plastic glasses, with the benefits of greater durability and closer related to metal frames. 
  • Metal: Aside from their elegant aesthetic benefits, metal frame glasses are a durable material that aren’t likely to break easily with proper care. 
  • Plastic: The most affordable option, plastic frames make for a great second pair of backup glasses. Plastic is also lightweight and resistant to chemical corrosions. 
  • Titanium: Titanium glasses, while more expensive than other materials, are the most resistant. They are flexible, hypoallergenic, and lightweight for a comfortable fit. 
  • Wood: Wood frame glasses are durable and resistant as well as eco-friendly. Aside from this, they offer a unique aesthetic quality to add to your style. 

Acetate is hypoallergenic, so there’s no risk of any allergic reaction to acetate frames.

SmartBuy Collection acetate frames

While SmartBuy Collection does have a low price guarantee for a variety of frame materials, the collection of acetate frames is a great middle ground for affordable frames made from high quality materials. You can search for acetate frames for kids, men, or women, or filter by style such as frame shape and color.

Some of the most popular styles of acetate frames include the black square SmartBuy Collection Kennedy glasses for men and women. These acetate glasses come in a variety of colors, including the trendy clear frames. Other fun looks include the Betty Blue Light Block and the Linda Asian Fit rimless frames. Click here to read more about the benefits of rimless glasses.

Blue light acetate frames

When you buy acetate glasses with VisionDirect, you can add a blue light protective layer at check out. zFORT® technology is designed to block harmful blue light rays emitted by your LED screens to protect your eyes and potentially improve sleep and eliminate glare.

Add this protection to your favorite pair of acetate frames today to get prescription and blue light glasses all-in-one for an affordable price.

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