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Gianfranco Ferre Glasses

There's something of architecture in fashion. Fashion is the construction of garments. It's no different in theory to constructing a building. In both instances it happens from a design, uses materials, and humans put the work in. It doesn't pay to think of these glasses as strictly fashion design, in that case. It pays to think of Gianfranco Ferre eyewear as architecture on a smaller scale.

Gianfranco Ferre spectacles

It may be no surprise then to note that Gianfranco Ferre himself had an architecture degree before the self-started brand was even established. If it seems odd, it's not. Not really. A designer called Tom Ford was in the same position. Except for the relative size and scope of the project on the whole, there really isn't too much difference between drawing a building and drawing a dress. Especially not once you stat talking couture. If these glasses seem safe as houses, that's where the concept originated.

Take the Gianfranco Ferre GF 424 for instance. Subtle and slender circles between strong temples, straddle an authoritative bridge. In light havana it's the kind of sunrise worth paying homage to. It's a beacon of warmth and hope, no matter the weather. It's a champ, carrying a torch. It is the courage to light its own path.

Gianfranco Ferre glasses Australia

In crystal they are beautiful frames designed to look good but not steal the show. In a way, they grab attention even though they're almost invisible. The more they try to see what's not there, the more they see what is.

The Gianfranco Ferre FF 211 in red orange is an urgent piece of eyewear for an urgent sort of person. Urgent doctor, urgent consultant. Urgent bartender, urgent mechanic. There is a sense of friendly chaos about this frame – it could be called upon at any time to go anywhere and do anything. You wouldn't think it capricious or unfriendly to stroll away and do other things. You would think it busy, and well occupied.

Bottega Veneta frames employ the same sorts of crisp and safe lines as Gianfranco Ferre frames use. Without lacking originality or grace, these Bottega Veneta frames give you everything you could want and expect from a luxury eyewear maker. But if you're after something completely out of left field, we're sure you'll find that too. There's something for everyone at Vision Direct!