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Bottega Veneta Glasses

Bottega Veneta eyeglasses are light and delicate, but in a pleasant way. With the grace of a feather, and the precision of a laser, this Bottega Veneta eyewear delivers premium vision correction in a stylish way. But don't be deceived. There is also a real weight and impact to these frames. A real gravity which draws things much closer. It's fine to admire, but admire for the right reasons.

Bottega Veneta for men

It's not just the thrill of the sleek frames and the unfathomable rims. It's not just the quiet little nose-pads, all poised to distribute the glory. It's not just the air of professionalism. What it is, is the impetus to do great things. Make great things. Travel the best paths and think the best thoughts. If Bottega Veneta doesn't set the bar, how can you raise it?

The Bottega Veneta 216 in brown crystal is a luxuriously textured toffee, with the tone to tie your tongue in two knots. It could be glass, it could be snakeskin. It could be crystal, it could be smooth diamond to run your hand over it, but it's not. It's expertly designed acetate, to give you that creative and resourceful feeling. The one that always surrounds good ideas. That rush of blood to the head. Bottega Veneta captured it long ago, and manage time after time to replicate it in their designs. Beautiful.

Bottega Veneta for women

The Bottega Veneta 211 is gloriously top-heavy. In black grey striped it captures attention and raises eyebrows. In pink brown striped it's like an electric jolt. It's the sweetest peach on earth, infused with the spark of life and left in direct sunlight. It's a pleasant start to the day, because nobody needs to be negative.

The Bottega Veneta BV 212 in gold havana is the refined kind of eyewear that often flies under the radar. It's a dull, pulsating gold. It doesn't jump straight into your eyeballs and start singing. It has spent forever trapped in the veins of rocks deep underground, so rest assured it knows patience. It has spent forever just waiting to be picked up and made into something extraordinary. This is something extraordinary.

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