Elemental Blue: A 2024 Eyewear Trend

By Kushla Brewster

a woman in blue wearing glasses with a blue backdrop
a woman in blue wearing glasses with a blue backdrop

2024 is fast approaching so naturally we’ve got to talk about upcoming eyewear trends. 

Eyewear trends are not only highly influenced by fashion, but also societal changes like technological innovations and an increased focus on sustainability. 

The environment around us plays a huge role in our fashion choices. 

So, with that being said, it’s time to talk about colour trends for 2024. Word on the street is there’s an elemental blue on the horizon.

2024's harmonious colour trend

The colour trend talk of the town is shaping up to be this calming mid-tone blue known as ‘elemental blue’. 

This colour represents harmony and brings a sense of stability and moderation. Elemental blue isn’t intrusive; it’s a sensible shade, if you will. 

For those who love to stand out and go bold, don’t fret, as it doesn’t deny you either of these things. 

You can choose a frame style to dress this colour up or down. 

Though it’s telling that in a time of such technological advancement within such a digital society, a colour that represents a desire for balance and moderation is at the forefront of fashion. 

This colour aligns with our focus on stabilising the environment through rejuvenating it, reducing waste and creating sustainable products from friendly materials.

Also, as a society, we struggle with balancing technology and real life.

This colour trend is a popular choice for its sophistication and timelessness, and its calming energy is something we all need this 2024 as we navigate the crazy world we’re in.

a color swatch of elemental blue
a color swatch of elemental blue

Elemental blue and eyewear

Eyewear is functional, of course, but it’s also a fashion statement. 

We spend so much time using these accessories so they may as well make you look and feel great. 

As eyewear is fashion, it is of course subject to change. No new year would be complete without a new set of fashion trends – eyewear included. 

Some that are emerging are new and some are timeless classics. 

We’ll have more time to delve into next year’s trends closer to when Old Saint Nick is due to come to town. 

But until then, here’s a little taste of how elemental blue energy fits into 2024.

a collage of a woman wearing glasses, shoes, clothes, a bag and glasses all in elemental blue
a collage of a woman wearing glasses, shoes, clothes, a bag and glasses all in elemental blue

Oversized frames

Oversized styles will continue to dominate as a main eyewear trend, following from their revival this year. 

Sporting these babies in elemental blue is perfect for those who want to stand out but stay on trend. 

See, we told you it’s calming nature wouldn’t compromise your personality from shining. 

Sporty sunglasses

Another trend continuing on from this year, whether you’re going for the dad look or you need them for physical activity. 

Thanks to the 2024 Olympics, these sunglasses will remain at the forefront of fashion. 

Elemental blue represents balance which is exactly what you’re getting when you pop those shades on while out for a jog or training in the rain, hail or shine (UV protection is necessary whatever the weather). 

Very elemental blue of you!

Geometric glasses

Geometric glasses are all about angles, which gives them their funky, futuristic look. Embracing shapes that other frames don’t, they’re not for the faint-hearted. 

A pair of eccentric-shaped glasses + elemental blue = trendsetting!

2024 trends: a dream come blue

This colour is emerging as a crowd favourite for next year due to its calming and harmonious nature. Two things we can’t possibly get enough of. 

The themes of balance and moderation couldn’t be more relevant in this day and age with the emphasis on sustainability and technology advancements. Especially in the fashion world. 

So, do yourself a favour and rock some elemental blue.

You’ll look good, you’ll feel good, and we’re not saying you’ll start nailing the downward dog position, but, it may just make you feel a little more calm in this hectic world. 

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