Enak Gavaggio: The Birdman Behind the Goggles 


For someone who describes himself as a ‘big skier and rider’- Freestyler Enak Gavaggio has always been fond of the outdoors, no matter the weather. Born in Savoie, France, Enak grew up in Les Arcs ski resort and has enjoyed a long and rewarding partnership with the park for many years.

At 40 years old, the skier knows why his avid fascination and love for the sport have remained consistent over the last three decades. As readers, we can only imagine his experience: 

“Feeling free up there in the mountains, there are no laws, everything you do is about your feeling, your safety, your pleasure and your friends.”

As fanatics, we might wonder what else the pro-skier loves to do besides trailing down the mountain in the wind, the snow or even the rain. During the summer he enjoys a wide range of outdoor sports and activities, from paragliding to golf and tennis. He seems to do it all. He loves to live life on the edge, unrestricted and open to explore nature as freely as a bird,

“I guess the more you feel free, the more you need to feel free”.

It is with this passion for freedom and unfettered adventure that Enak has managed to face the extreme challenges of skiing (and occasionally even snowboarding) for so long.

Enak’s partnership with JULBO has been mutually beneficial to say the least. As an accomplished athlete, finding lucrative sponsorship deals is never a problem. This comes with the benefit of being able to pick the best eyewear the market has to offer. Enak mentions with enthusiasm that JULBO has long been his first choice:

“I have been working with JULBO for over 15 years, and I was the first pro skier to collaborate with them."


His favourite JULBO eyewear products include the vintage model Vermont, which he calls the best sunglasses 50 years ago, and still the same. He is also enthusiastic about the more contemporary goggles, like the groundbreaking Aerospace model. Adding to his collection, Enak not only carries a pair of Atlas goggles, but prides over the fact that he has two different pairs, just because he sometimes wants to change colours.

This free spirited quirkyness shines through in almost everything Enak says and does. When asked about his favourite skiing memory, he does not have to dig far back into time:

“My best skiing experience? Today. For certain... until the next time I go to the mountains to ski.”

This talent for capturing and living in the moment is also apparent on his current project, Ranchowebshow.com. The website is a whimsically creative mosaic of photos, music and extreme sports merchandise.

Living in the present does not prevent Enak from looking ahead:

"Until my last day of skiing, and I hope this will be in more than 50 years, I will wear Julbo eyewear. Julbo is more than a partner for me, they have helped me all along my career, and for that I will be grateful for the rest of my life."