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At Vision Direct you can enjoy amazing discounts when you’re a member of the Australian Seniors Card program. With a national Seniors Card, you’re entitled to exclusive rewards and Seniors Card benefits! We offer seniors card discounts across our entire site to help you shop for eyeglasses and sunglasses, plus we’ll provide you with a huge saving on prescription lenses and progressive lenses if you wear eyeglasses.  


If you have a Seniors Card, then you can explore our site and receive these exclusive Seniors Card discounts: 



  • 10% Sitewide
  • 30% OFF Prescription Lenses
  • 30% OFF Progressive Lenses

Check out what code is eligible for you:

We offer a wide range of prescription glassesprogressive glasses and reading glasses from over 180 designer brands. Some of our favourites are the Tom Ford FT5424 eyeglasses and the Arise Collective Clinton eyeglasses. Every pair of eyeglasses we offer are available with reading lenses, progressive lenses or any personalized prescription lenses. You can enjoy free shipping, 100 day returns and a 2 year warranty, plus the best price guarantee when you shop with us.


As you get older, you will often start to notice your eyes getting tired and your vision becoming less sharp. For this specific eye problem, there is a perfect solution: progressive lenses. Progressive glasses have lenses with a lot of different prescriptions built in-one, offering a smooth transition, so there are no visible lines in your lenses.


Progressive lenses are now the more popular eyewear compared to bifocal glasses. Bifocal glasses are similar in that they provide two different built-in prescriptions, but they don’t offer a smooth transition.  A modern twist on bifocals, Progressive lenses are the most up-to-date eyewear to help treat vision problems. If you want to learn more about progressive lenses, you can read our articles on progressive glasses in our Optical Centre.

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