Enhanced Lens Warranty

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two glasses on banner image

Enhanced Lens Warranty

We understand life isn’t perfect, and things don’t always go your way. With our 20/20 enhanced warranty coverage, you don’t have to worry.
We provide an Enhanced Coverage Plan based on the value of the frames you purchase with up to 5 years of coverage.

Our coverage includes:

  • Damage from wear and tear
  • Prescription changes
  • Accidental damage
How does it work?

Within the warranty coverage period, you can get replacement lenses. Make sure to:

  • – Contact our Customer Service team to submit your request. If you are in need of lenses with a new prescription,
    then please make sure to communicate this to our customer service and include your new prescription.
  • – Check on your nearest optical shop that is willing to cut and install the lenses on your frame. And wait for your uncut lenses to be delivered. 

You will need to supply a co-pay of $15 for shipping service (incl. handling). 

  • You are entitled to a one-time replacement of the same prescription lenses (or equally valued).
  • If a prescription change requires an upgrade in the lens package, the customer will pay the difference.
  • A co-payment of $15 is charged by Vision Direct for handling and shipping.
  • You need to cover the fitting fee at the local store of your choice.

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