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How to Reduce and Prevent Eye Strain

Eye strain often occurs when you use your eyes to focus on something for a long period of time. Eye fatigue is a result of tired eye muscles and while it does not cause any damage to your eye health, it can often be uncomfortable and make participating in everyday tasks difficult. Read on to discover the steps you can take to prevent and reduce eye strain now.

Eye strain causes

There are many factors to consider when trying to determine what is causing your eyes to strain. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, you might be suffering from digital eye strain. Eye fatigue can also be caused by reading, working in poorly lit rooms, or almost any task that requires consecutive hours of visual concentration. The most important step to take first is determining what activity is causing the problem so you can look for ways to prevent your eye strain from reoccurring. 

Prevent or reduce digital eye strain

If you have eye strain and work at the computer or regularly spend more than one hour at a time on digital devices, it’s possible that you’re experiencing digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Reducing glare from your screen is one way to prevent digital eye strain while at the computer. 

Blue light glasses are designed to block your screen’s blue light emission which is harmful to the eyes and can be responsible for eye fatigue. Vision Direct has a wide selection of the best glasses to protect eyes from your computer screen, including these Blue Rachel Computer Glasses and these clear frame Blue Kennedy Computer Glasses


Eye strain relief

One of the simplest ways to achieve rapid eye strain relief is to take a break from focusing your sight on the task at hand and allowing your eye muscles to relax. While it may seem obvious, you should also remind yourself to blink often. This is because when we focus our eyes for a long period of time we can, unintentionally, stop blinking as often as we should. When you first notice you’re experiencing eye strain, the best thing to do is to step away, relax your focus, and blink. 

Night driving glasses to reduce eye strain

If you notice you tend to get eye strain when you drive at night, this could be the result of light glare from oncoming traffic and street lights. Anti-glare coating on your glasses could protect you from this type of eye strain when you are driving late. Vision Direct’ Arise collection comes with free anti-glare lenses on the most popular styles such as these Arise clear frame glasses.

Eye strain headaches

Eye strain is a common complaint among migraine patients. If you experience eye strain due to migraine headaches, this could be caused by photophobia, also known as light sensitivity. In this case, you should consider a pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized glasses are designed to block harmful rays from entering the eye and causing conditions that might lead to eye strain. Read more about how polarized lenses work

Eye strain due to headaches could also be a sign that you might need vision correction. If your eyes are working harder than they should be to see things near or far, this could lead to eye fatigue and even headaches. Adults are recommended to have an eye test every two years, and children once a year. 

Other ways to reduce eye strain

There are other ways for you to reduce eye strain and better protect your eyes that do not always involve wearing protective eyewear. This includes making sure you are working under well-lit conditions, limiting your time on digital devices, putting ideal distance between you and your screen, and taking regular breaks when focusing on a task. 

Find out how eye strain can lead to dry eye syndrome and what you can do to prevent or treat it. 



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