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SmartBuy Kids Sunglasses

The best kid’s sunglasses around

The SmartBuy Kids collection specialises in protective, cool, fun and durable children’s sunglasses. The kids sunglasses provide UV protection, and offer a range of radiant and bright sunglasses that your little one will love!

Guaranteed, these are the best kids sunglasses around as they offer a perfect range from comfort, style and protection. Your little one will have everything they need in one pair of sunnies, making the sunglasses hunt easier for you! You couldn’t have anything more in a pair of kids sunglasses.


SmartBuy kids collection and Vision Direct
Here's another incredible reason to purchase the SmartBuy kids sunglasses. SmartBuy Kids is a proud partner of the World Vision Mother & Child program in Zambia. The partnership helps - eliminate preventable child deaths, save the lives of expecting mothers and ensure these children survive, thrive, and reach their full potential. Vision Direct believe in creating the best frames for everyone, but also believe that giving back to the community is the key to happiness. You’ll look good and feel even better knowing you have contributed to helping mothers and children, the environment and many other crucial causes.  For more information on how Vision Direct gives back to communities, please check out their community page


The best kids sunglasses

All of the SmartBuy kids’ collection has a little bit of everything. We will now talk through the best kids sunglasses  that are perfect for all situations, ready for little one to up and go, no matter the destination or occasion. 


Wrap around sunnies

Looking for sunglasses that are perfect for outdoor occasions and activities? The wraparound sunglasses are the best choice for UV protection and comfort. The Wraparound sunglasses contours the face to ensure none of the sun's UV rays creep into any gaps. 

These glasses are the perfect pair for outdoor activities, biking, hiking, running or outside playing with friends, whilst ensuring the eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes are protected whenever the sunglasses are worn. The wrap-around sunnies are also great for comfort as they sit easily and hug the face for extra support and protection. The wrap-around sunnies have also been best used as kids sport sunglasses for all types of activities! 


Passion for Fashion

Does your little one love to look the coolest at all costs? Then the SmartBuy Kids square sunglasses are the ultimate fashion piece. The square sunglasses have a whole bunch of personality. They portray the energy of cuteness, little fashionista and of course looking like a smarty pants. The square colours come in a range of race-car red, or bumble-bee yellow, as well as the smooth and original black.

Square sunglasses are the most in demand and fashionable frames out there, which is why Vision Direct have implemented the most in trend shaped frames to the SmartBuy Kids collection! We know that kids also love to look and feel good, and their confidence skyrockets when their fashion is on point.!

There are several cheap kids sunglasses on the market, but with that comes a compromise in fashion, quality and protection. The  kids sunglasses within the SmartBuy Kids collection comes with everything you need, at a cost-effective price without having to compromise on all of the important things that a pair of frames should require. 

Vision Direct also strongly believes that children should be protected, to look after their delicate eyes right from the start as well as feeling as vibrant as their personality. This is why we believe that the SmartBuy Kids collection is the best place to buy kids sunglasses!

You can also get all of these popping colours in our other frame types, such as rectangle and wraparound. Check the full collection to see what we have in store!


Mirrored sunglasses

What are mirrored sunglasses? Kids mirrored sunglasses are similar to kids polarised sunglasses. Mirrored sunglasses are provided with mirror coated lenses which help to reflect light away from the eyes more than any other regular tinted glasses. This is a great pointer if you’re looking for fun protective sunnies for your little one.  The mirrored sunglasses are also a super quirky and cool style for kids, as the lenses act like a mirror which come in several different popping tones. 


Helpful tips

To make sure little one loves their sunglasses as much as you do, they will love our Virtual-Try-On tool! Not only will they have a bit of fun, but they will be able to see themselves in their new cool sunglasses before purchase. This will ramp up the excitement even more!

SmartBuy Kids collection specialises in kids' eyeglasses that are durable and come in a variety of fun colours  that  children  love. 

If you’re interested to see what other playful and vibrant frames we have to offer for the little ones, then check out the SmartBuy Kids eyeglasses collection for cost effective frames that are perfect for everyday use as well as school. 

For kids prescription sunglasses, make sure to add any prescription details at check out in order to have the ultimate, perfect pair of sunnies! 

Make the most of it and enjoy the free shipping and a 2-year warranty with 100 day returns if not 100% satisfied!