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POC Sunglasses

If you look up the best sports eyewear brands online, POC is sure to make an appearance. It’s a Swedish company that started back in 2004 and specializes in protective equipment, apparel, and eyewear for outdoor activities, particularly cycling and snow sports. All their products including their eyewear are made with safety and performance in mind.


What sports and activities are POC sunglasses specifically designed for, considering their focus on performance and protection? 


POC sunglasses are an ideal choice for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Their glasses are specifically tailored for outdoor activities such as cycling on the road, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, or just for a day out in the sun.


How do POC sunglasses balance the need for a secure fit during physical activity while maintaining comfort for extended wear?


POC frames are ergonomically designed with adjustable nose pads and temple tips to ensure a snug fit without being too tight for extended wear. They also have a line of helmets that go with their sunglasses so the two complement each other for a seamless fit. Their eyewear also features ventilation systems to prevent heat damage to your skin or the glasses. Additionally, POC offers prescription glasses for those with vision defects to ensure a seamless experience for them.


What should you focus on when choosing sports sunglasses?


When selecting sports sunglasses, prioritize factors like fit, coverage, and lens quality to ensure optimal performance and protection. Look for sunglasses with a snug yet comfortable fit, wide lenses, and durable materials like polycarbonate or NXT for impact resistance. Choose lenses with coatings for enhanced functionality. For example, consider polarized options for glare reduction. Ventilation features can prevent fogging, while anti-slip components like grippy nose pads ensure stability during intense activities. Additionally, consider your style preference to see which pair looks best on you.