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Jaguar Sunglasses

Jaguar makes the kind of sunglasses that are always a pleasure to look at. With strict and bold lines, and clear and concise colours that know what they want at all times, Jaguar sits comfortably in the top tiers of the design world simply by virtue of being self-assured and self-motivated. It's not all glitz and glam in design. Part of it is being grounded and able to deliver. Welcome to Jaguar.

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The Jaguar 37711 in brushed silver orange with grey lenses is a cool muted treat. It's for those casual days – the days where a glass of orange juice and an hour in a nice chair are all that's called for. The sort of day where tomorrow might be busy, but that doesn't mean today can't be a day off. Sometimes, Jaguar knows you just want to kick back. The Jaguar 37711 is a lesson in relaxation.

In brushed black red with polarized green lenses, it's a little more active. It's a shopping trip, or a game of tennis. It's a trip to the hairdresser and a beer with a friend. It's going boating with confidence that glare won't be a major force to contend with. It's going to the glacier, and being able to take it in. Polarization is a wonderful technology, and this Jaguar eyewear takes full advantage.

Jaguar online

The Jaguar 37712 in brushed silver black with grey flash lenses is a full rim pilot taking off into the stratosphere. It's simple, but that's where its beauty lies. The cool jet black running up the temple knows exactly what it wants, while the lovely lenses long for a great tomorrow. Jaguar sunglasses are realistic, but that doesn't mean they can't herald some optimism. There's always room to be better, and Jaguar eyewear makes that its mission. Be better.

Anything that goes for Jaguar sunglasses also goes for our range of UV filtering Cazal glasses. Some would call them sunglasses, but we put it to you that these Cazal designs float above classification. They just... are. Call them whatever you like, but do it with reverence. Great design like that deserves it. Vision Direct is proud of everything it stocks, but not all eyewear is created equally. It could safely be said that Cazal is sitting at the top of the design pyramid, just waiting for somebody to try and knock it off.