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Flexon Sunglasses

Flexon is all about precision, accuracy, and an amalgamation of forces coming together to achieve a great result. Fashion is not its main concern, but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish. If worn correctly, Flexon can add an element of functional style to whatever outfit you've chosen.

Flexon sunglasses online

Our Flexon sunglasses come polarized by default. But would you expect anything less of a brand so caught up on functionality? Whether it's driving, flying, leading a search and rescue mission, or hiking in the wilderness, polarization has real and tangible benefits to offer you.

Any high stakes situation can be turned into an unmitigated disaster by glare. One minute you're walking the riverbank – the next you can't see where you're going, and get momentarily distracted. You'll probably be fine – this time – but it doesn't pay to take too many chances in a row, especially when the solution is so easy and readily available.

Flexon sunglasses Australia

With a tiny, undetectable filter running across the surface of these lenses, Flexon eyewear employs a polarization technique that effectively throws glare right back at whatever was trying to throw it at you. Flexon sunglasses are thus perfect for snow, sun, sea, river, lake, and sky. Ain't life grand?

Whether you prefer the Flexon Commander Polarized, with tall and wide lenses and hook temples, or the more subtle Flexon Warrior Polarized, Flexon eyewear has you covered. The only thing that really matters is how you choose to apply your Flexon sunglasses to the mission at hand.

Miss Sixty glasses are quite the opposite. Playful, outgoing, and downright cheeky, these glasses throw caution to the wind and abandon all notions of seriousness. In terms of function – they will correct your vision, but otherwise, it's all about the flair, baby. It's all about the flair.