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Carrera Sunglasses

Looking for some legendary designer sunglasses inspired by some of the most famous sports events in the world? The Carrera sunglasses range at VisionDirect will provide you with some of the most famous and timeless collections to date, all with free delivery and the best price guaranteed. Keep it original and make a statement with the elite Carrera sunglasses.

Carrera Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in 1956 with years of expertise and history, you can find some of the most prestigious, high-quality frames with Carrera. Carrera is a famous designer eyewear brand that carries years of service and exceptional frames that have provided them with a strong reputation and years-long, loyal customers. Carrera is one of the best and most popular eyewear brands in the world, where the business and its unique frames flourished and became a highlight in demand by millions of customers in the ’70s and ’80s


Inspired by the most daring car racing attractions in Mexico, Carrera’s collections are still inspired by some of the most adrenaline-based driving events and sports attractions such as skiing, F1 racing, and aviation, collaborating with the largest aircraft manufacturer of the time. 


You’ll be able to find some of the rarest ‘one of a kind’ collections at Carrera, guaranteed that you’ve never seen anything like them before. If you want some unique history in a frame and are an enthusiast with a passion for history and sports combined, then the Carrera sunglasses will do the talking for you. Class, and memoir in some glass. 

All you’ll need to do to have this question answered is to look at the Carrera eyewear collections at VisionDirect that speak volumes! The Carrera eyewear ranges and most specifically, the Carrera sunglasses, are like rich wine, they only get better with time. Carrera sunglasses are today worn by millions of customers and by A-list celebrities all over the world, which you’ll be able to see all over the internet in one search. Carrera sunglasses are well renowned for their prestigious and elaborate designs and are one of the most in-demand designer brands in the world, indeed making them a class A luxury designer brand. 


At VisionDirect, you’ll be able to find some of the most in-demand Carrera sunglasses yet, like the Carrera Grand Pix 2, inspired by sportscars and driving ‘n drifting. 


Want to shop the Carrera sunglasses that drives the crowd wild? As mentioned before, the Carera Grand Prix 2 is one of the fastest-selling and latest collections by Carrera yet. They come in the classic picturesque pilot frames, which are not only one of the elite original styles, but still one of the most in-season and sophisticated frames. 


You’ll also be able to find contrast in style Carrera sunglasses frames, such as the Carrera original square style for your everyday look, and the as seen on all celebs, the Carrera champion frames, for a more alluring and affluent look. 


Want to try before you buy? Your wish is our command. If you want to know exactly what style is best for you out of the sophisticated squares, picturesque pilots, and ravishing rounds, then you can do so at the comfort of your own home, with no queues, fuss, or pressure, with the online Virtual Try-On tool at VisionDirect.

Unfortunately, fake glasses and sunglasses do exist. In order to avoid purchasing a counterfeit pair of frames, there are a few steps that need to be taken into consideration whenever purchasing. 


1- Check the case and the arms. The case and the frames are one of the first things you see when unwrapping, so make sure to have a thorough look at the case. Carrera sunglasses have the country origin on the packaging and on one of the arms (near temples). Original Carrera sunglasses have been made in Italy, Slovenia and China, so if you have any other ‘random’ location, this may be an indication that your Carrera sunglasses are counterfeit. 


2- Check the logo. Just like Ray-Bans, you’ll be able to see the logo on the lenses, which should be present and not spelled incorrectly. If you do notice that any branded logo on any product or your Carrera sunglasses is misspelled, then they would in this instance be counterfeit. It’s always important to check through any products you purchase unless you trust and have previously shopped with a company before. 


3- Although it’s important to check the company logo is on the lenses, this isn’t impossible for counterfeit sunglasses makers to do. You can still find fake sunglasses with the branded logo in the right place, however, counterfeit sunglasses will have a logo that is easily scratched off, even with a light fingernail stroke.


4- Hinges and nose pads. This is something to be aware of. Sometimes those who make counterfeit sunglasses may ensure that any screws or hinges look of high quality to really make people believe their sunglasses aren’t fake. However, sometimes the smallest things are the biggest indicators, such as the feel of the sunglasses and the way that the arms open and close. Designer sunglasses are made with attention to detail and of high quality. It can be quite evident the moment you start to open and close the arms of the sunglasses that something isn’t right, they may feel delicate and that they’re on the verge of breaking. 


5- Attention to detail. Overall, it’s likely you may notice a few suspicious or abnormal sights when having purchased a counterfeit pair of sunglasses. You’re likely to notice the signs more if you have previously purchased designer frames before. If a few things in total don’t look right with your new glasses and there are a few alarming factors that are clear indicators that your sunglasses may be fake, then try to keep a vigilant eye next time you shop, and most importantly to shop with a reputable brand. 


You now have all the steps and tips and tricks as to how to safely purchase your luxury designer Carrera sunglasses. With the most in-demand Carrera eyewear collections mentioned and the ingenious Virtual Try-On tool, you’re one step closer to having your dream Carrera piece. 


If you’ve enjoyed learning about Carrera sunglasses, the brand, and their unique sports-inspired sunglasses range, then you’ll love reading the Mercedes Benz eyeglasses and sunglasses short style guide blog at VisionDirect. Happy shopping!