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CK Sunglasses

The creative collection of CK Eyewear features the beautifully handcrafted CK Sunglasses for men and women from all walks of life. They are made from high-quality materials to provide durability, strength, style, and comfort. They are available in many colour combinations and style.
CK has your back. Not content just to have fresh designs and flawless execution, CK goes the extra mile to provide truly functional eyewear. The most refreshing eyewear is always at least a little bit different. CK is not only a little bit different, but also unexpected. Does that mean it's ahead of its time? Who can be sure? What we can say is when you combine different with good, nothing bad can happen.

CK sunglasses Australia

Chocolate brown and caramel yellow are thrown together in a delicious sandwich theme to make up the 4150. Like layers of lacquered confectionery, it sits on the face raising the temptations of others. It's impossible to look at this and not soften up a little. But isn't that the hallmark of good design? An instant and calculable emotional effect? We think so, and we also think this is a prime example.

In havana petrol it's racy, it's pacing, it's raring to go. The blue tones give it a cool edge, but there's no mistaking this CK eyewear as passive. Wherever you go, the 4150 is fully present and with you. You seldom let your guard down fully, so neither should your shades.

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And if you thought you'd seen everything, make sure to inspect the 3084 USB very closely. The clue is in the name; what you'll find is a built in USB storage device in one of the arms. It's there for necessity, but it's also an amazing aesthetic feature. Not only does it hold memory, it forms a secret pact with you.