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    Byblos eyeglasses make the best of what there is. Able to pull a funny conversation out of thin air, the nature of these frames is creative by design. Between the mild conversation pieces and the self-evident space age innovation, we can confidently say Byblos eyewear gets people talking.

    Byblos frames

    The Byblos BY046 in shiny dark ruthenium with violet turquoise yellow is as much a meditation on the future as it is a testament to the beauty of math an geometry. Make no mistake, these glasses are tied to intellectualism just as the world is tied to its orbit. Assuming a big enough force, either could be shifted, but it would create a scary and unfamiliar feeling.

    Byblos Australia

    The Byblos BY032 is a throwback to simplicity. Simplicity in terms of aesthetics, and simplicity in terms of construction, and in terms of look. With no rims, the purity of the lens almost marks out a chilly focal point, but the winner on the day is the frame who takes the focus. What purpose for such a striking contrast? Well, it makes you think – and that's a good start.

    Web glasses are sure to get people talking as well. Bright, fun, and likeable – these Web glasses are a little bit luminary.