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WE 5292

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Web Glasses

Web glasses are just really fun. They're like playing hide and seek with a genius – somebody of whom it could be said their imagination is stellar. Somebody who will always challenge and extend your mind, but somebody who will always ensure the journey has been worthwhile.

Web Spectacles

The Web WE 5008 in transparent champagne is like getting tied up in string theory. It's like being surrounded by only the best and the brightest. It's being inspired – chased down and tackled by inspiration.

Web Glasse Online

It's like a visit from the sun. It's like the coming of the angels. They assemble for you, sing for you, and leave you wiser. It's wise to go with Web.

Arnette glasses are a lot of fun, but not in a hide and seek kind of way. Arnette glasses are fun in a moving numbers around the page way. They're fun the same way an oil pastel is fun. They make a mark, knowing it can't easily be undone. They simply are what they are, and therein lies their strength. If you know how to harness it, that's an incredible mindset.
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