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SmartBuy Kids Glasses

Trying to find the best pair of glasses most suitable for your little one? Then you’ve come to the right place! Vision Direct not only offers high quality glasses and sunglasses for adults, but for children too! Our aim is to ensure we offer a pair of glasses that’s perfect for each individual child, tailoring to their unique personality. 

Our kids glasses frames are suitable for children aged 2 years old through to teenagers and university students. All frames are affordable yet very durable allowing all wearers to see clearly whilst having fun. 
Choose from trendy and candy-like colours to classic styles including square, oval and wraparound frames. 

Kids glasses are highly important to Vision Direct. We believe the right pair of glasses can really accelerate one child’s personality, which is why we believe it’s just as important for children to have the confidence they need, at the most important time of their lives. This is why we don’t just create your generic kids glasses, we create cool kids glasses. Children thrive when they feel good, and I’m sure we all know that a child’s school years aren’t always rainbows and butterflies, which is why it’s so important for us to at least contribute to creating frames that will portray and enhance the little magical personality they have within them. 

Our kids glasses frames are smart, intelligent looking but not too serious, they withhold the status of fun, free and bold, which is exactly what children represent. All of our kids’ glasses are provided with every colour under the sun, so rest assured your little one will fall in love with a pair! The colours and options we provide for children now aren’t what we had years ago…Vision Direct have provided bold, brave and booming colours that everyone would have dreamt of having in school! 


Too cool for school

Does your little one have a passion for fashion, and are genuinely too cool for school? We have the most adorable fashion pieces for them to show off to the class. As well as all of the vibrant colours we provide. We also have the most up to date trends within our SmartBuy kids’ collection which we will now talk about, so that you can choose the most fashionable pieces around. 


The pilot frames

We all know how in trend the pilot frames are, in fact it’s impossible for them to go out of fashion! This season, pilot frames have been a huge hit within the fashion industry, they have made a remarkable comeback. The pilot frames aren’t just what they were like before, they come in all materials, colours and even oversized pieces. Pilot frames have become so popular that they have been demanded in kids form! How adorable. Lots of style icons and parents are taking advantage of the kid’s pilot frames and using them as a ‘’mummy and me’’ or ‘’daddy and me’’ set. Not only do our kids’ glasses make adorable gifts as you can find identical adult pairs, but you can reassure your little one that they're going to rule the playground! The pilot frames are for sure the coolest kids glasses around.


Candyful colours 

Kids absolutely love colour, it’s the ingredient for creativity! This is why we have provided candy-land like colours for our Smartbuy kids glasses. Children are highly connected to their senses, and are drawn to what they can visually see, which is why the brighter and bigger, the better! We have provided colours from candyfloss pink to banana milkshake yellow, and bubble gum blue. Our colours express a fraction of their personality and allow them to feel brave and bold, teaching them to stand out for the right reasons. 


Blue light blocking glasses kids range

As well as cool kids’ glasses, at Vision Direct we are all about protection and safety. Not just in schools, but in our everyday lives’ technology is becoming more present in our daily routines. This is also the case for children, whether it be for educational purposes, talking to their friends, watching tv or playing games, technology is exposed everywhere around them. For this reason, we have created stylish and protective glasses with our blue light glasses for kids. Now is the best time to protect your little one’s delicate eyes. 

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and can be harmful when exposed to the eyes. Some research says that blue light can create digital eye strain, affecting your eyes health short and long term, as well as affecting your general health. Blue light decreases the body’s natural flow to produce melatonin which is the body’s chemical to put us in a sleepy state.  

Overall, blue light has been known to create headaches, interrupt our sleeping pattern and cause digital eye strain. To avoid this and to prevent any effects, our blue light blocking glasses for kids within our Smartbuy kids’ collection is the number one product we could recommend. 


To make sure little one loves their glasses as much as you do, they will love our Virtual Try-On tool! Not only will they have a bit of fun, but they will be able to see themselves in their new cool glasses before purchase. This will ramp up the excitement even more!

SmartBuy Kids collection specialises in kids' eyeglasses that are durable and come in a variety of fun colors that your children will love. Each frame comes with 1.5 prescription lenses making sure all children and teenagers can find practical, long-lasting eyeglasses.

SmartBuy Kids is also a proud partner of the World Vision Mother & Child health program in Zambia. The partnership helps - eliminate preventable child deaths, save the lives of expecting mothers and ensure these children survive, thrive, and reach their full potential.

Each frame includes a 2-year warranty with 100 day returns if not 100% satisfied.