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Oh My Woodness! Glasses

Oh my what? Oh My Woodness!

Let’s start with what Oh My Woodness is, what they are about and what their remarkable aim is. 

Oh My Woodness! is Vision Directs first wooden eyewear brand, made up of hand crafted wood frame glasses, and they are solely inspired by nature. 

 Every item purchased from Oh My Woodness! collection will help plant crucially important trees in Haiti, Madagascar or Nepal, to combat deforestation and provide essential resources to some of the most vulnerable communities.

Vision Direct have proudly teamed up with the to plant trees, and to make a positive impact in some of the most impoverished corners of the globe, so what’s the reason to not have a pair of glasses from this remarkable collection?

Every product within the Oh My Woodness! collection has immense attention to detail provided for every frame, and the wood glasses frames have been designed to transform natural wood and bamboo to a stylish form of eyewear, as well as giving back to help save the environment.

The way we shop is changing. We are constantly bombarded with products from companies that may have little or no intent to give back to communities in need, or to make a change in return. This isn’t the first time that Vision Direct has provided consistent support to other communities and organisations. For more information on how Vision Direct supports and gives back through the purchases of their glasses, take a look at their community page, you’ll be inspired for sure.


Why wood looks so good

Want to add some excitement to your eyewear collection and are looking for a unique pair of frames that nobody else has? Oh My Woodness! are the ones! There’s something so unique and rustic about wood and especially in a pair of frames. Wood glasses instantly give a subtle reminder of nature and bring the wooden aroma straight to your senses. 

All of our glasses are wood rx glasses, meaning they have been coated with wood rx, to effectively penetrate, seal and protect the exterior of the wood frame glasses. Not only are the wooden frames sleek and highly fashionable, but are durable and high quality. 

Wooden textures in fashion have been around for years, and have been seen regularly in Vogue and several big fashion lines. Vision Direct wanted to take wood to the next step, not just for fashion, but for the whole purpose of giving back. The aim was to create the most stylish, timeless and elegant wood glasses frames, with an alluring sheen and vibe of their own which is exactly what Oh My Woodness! have achieved.

 The minimalist feels of these glasses are great for anyone who loves authenticity and simplicity. It’s pretty straight forward, they’re fashionable, high quality wood glasses that have a purpose of helping the planet, it’s an all-round win-win situation! 

Oh My Woodness! have the perfect amount of frames for you to choose from, not too much and certainly not too little, so rest assured there is the perfect wooden frames within the collection waiting for you! 



If you’re a lover of oval or round frames then we have the perfect selection for you! Oval glasses are timeless and provide the classiest and sophisticated look. Whether you’re choosing oval wood frame glasses for work, education or fashion, the outcome will always be the same, effortless style and the radiance of intelligence. 


Chunky square

The square glasses in the Oh My Woodness! collection aren’t just your average square glasses; you can find some that are chunky and funky! Chunky frames have been a strong hit within the fashion and eyewear industry. Most fashionistas are likely to be wearing either oversized glasses, chunky glasses, or glasses with a unique material. The eyewear industry is changing, and so is fashion. We’re learning that bigger and bolder is better. Frames now aren’t just for vision, they’re also solely used as a fashion statement  and to represent a piece of who you are, hence the morale of supporting communities with our frames. 

So if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, to start your own trend and to represent supporting our planet, then our chunky square fashion statements are perfect for you. 


Overall, Oh My Woodness! collection provides wood frame glasses men and women adore! The irresistible wood frame glasses are perfect if you’re trying to look for a gift for a friend or loved one. The intentions and deep meaning of Oh My Woodness!  collection portrays one of a kind. If you have someone in mind that’s a lover of the environment, is trying to discover more eco-friendly companies and has their own unique fashion style, then our Oh My Woodness! collection is perfect for them! 

You can simply add your details at checkout to ensure you have the perfect prescription wood glasses. If you can’t get hold of your prescription for your wood frame prescription glasses, then feel free to check out our advanced and ingenious free lens scanner app in order to find your prescription in a matter of minutes! 


To help you find the perfect wooden frames and for a deeper understanding on what suits your face shape the best, check out our face shape guide


Once you’ve done this, we recommend you try out our Virtual Try-On tool so you can dive deep and physically see yourself in your new frames! 


We know you’ll love Oh My Woodness! as much as everyone else does!