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Karl Lagerfeld Glasses

Karl Lagerfeld glasses are an interesting take on aesthetic and beauty, using bold shapes and cool colour schemes to accomplish a task which is never easy, and sometimes downright impossible for those not possessed of genius. The task is to take ordinary materials, and run them through enough design filters that they come out extraordinary – something to be proud of.

Lagerfeld glasses

The Karl Lagerfeld KL 188 in satin brown is a biscuity treat – a delicious wafer of surprise and earthy goodness. Incorporating black, brown, and cream, this Karl Lagerfeld eyewear evokes not just classic design, but also a pathway to the future, where we can imagine everything is as cool as it used to be. It takes real grit and nous to make that happen. If Karl Lagerfeld glasses have what it takes and others don't... that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

In satin blue it's a smooth textured treat, perfect for hot or cold days, showing both a light and dark side of itself. Capable of spanning many tones, and matching many moods, this Karl Lagerfeld eyewear will never have you feeling out of place, even though it appears to be of a sunny disposition.

Karl Lagerfeld

The Karl Lagerfeld KL 740 is a sleek oval shape, but what is really sleek is the selection of colours it comes in. From dark blue to a spotted sort of Havana with gold hinges, everything about these Karl Lagerfeld glasses screams focus and taste. And that's not a bad thing to be screaming.

The Karl Lagerfeld KL 742 is quite a bit more intense. Kicking the fervour up a notch with some cool fiery Havana, it appeals to both the impressionist and the classical critic at the same time. A tasteful amalgamation of quirky, stylish and cool all at once, these Karl Lagerfeld eyeglasses have just what it takes to convey the right attitude. Whether you choose to leverage that for personal gain, or just to enjoy the aesthetic, is up to you. All we do is provide great Karl Lagerfeld glasses.

Gant glasses serve as an interesting comparison to our range of Karl Lagerfeld eyewear. Not quite plain, not quite extraordinary, Gant eyewear relies on subtlety moreso than overt grandiosity to stake its claim to greatness. With sizes and shapes to suit anybody, and a handsome array of blacks to choose from, Gant is the road to take if subtlety is the name of the game.