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David Beckham Glasses

David Beckham the brand was launched in 2015 by the infamous football player who has a prominent presence online even after retirement. His brand offers a variety of different products such as fragrance and grooming products. The brand, Eyewear by David Beckham is an extension of his brand, which started more recently. The collection is inspired by his motorcycle, with a touch of masculinity in all his designs. 


What are the typical design elements or materials used in David Beckham's eyewear collection?


David Beckham is known as a symbol of sophistication and luxury, which is reflected in his eyewear as well. The eyeglasses are made using high-quality materials including acetate, lightweight plastics and metal alloys. Each frame is manufactured with precision and attention to detail. All of them feature three classic details, the Talisman, the monogram on the left lens, and the brand signature engraved inside of the temple arms. The colour palette features nudes, dark shades, tortoiseshell, and occasional brights. The designs are a fusion of timeless classic and contemporary fashion, making them well-suited for a luxurious look. The collection offers an array of prescription glasses and stylish sunglasses. 


Can I supplement my eyeglass lenses with additional coatings?


Yes, you can choose from different lens varieties that come with additional coatings. Their special lens can be polarized, blue-light filtering, orange-tinted, and mineral-coated making them super functional for everyone.


How to choose the right shape and colour of frames for my face?


When picking out your perfect frames, start by determining your face shape and skin tone. Considering your hair and skin colour, pick a frame colour that complements your features without weighing them down. It also depends on your preferred style; do you like timeless browns or blacks, or do you want a more vibrant, fashion-forward colour? For shape, choose angular frames for a round face and rounder frames for square or rectangular faces.