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DRAGON Glasses

Dragon Alliance eyewear was born by adventurous minds to meet the demand of athletic people. The Dragon Alliance sunglasses feature materials for durability, lightness, and comfort. Discover Dragon Alliance frames for men and women.

Born out of a want to conquer the active-wear market, Will Howard came up with Dragon Alliance. The brand encapsulates the fun and youthful nature of the Californian shores where it was born with a focus on extreme eyewear. The brand has come a long way since its 1993 garage beginnings by working hard with big names in the extreme sports industry from well-known surfers and snowboarders like Jamie Lynn and Chris Roach.

Dragon Alliance Australia

The Dragon Alliance Eyewear collection features glasses that fit perfectly to any active lifestyle. Stemming from California, the brand has really injected that youthful, fashionable feeling into all their eyewear with a focus on the active wearer. The brand utilises interesting technology in the making of their frames, creating designs that can float as well as having dragon mouths at the hinges. Materials are guaranteed to give you top performance and improve your vision.

Dragon Alliance Eyewear

Some glasses to check out include these awesome Carter glasses and these cool and colourful Claudio glasses. The brand has glasses for men and women and you’re sure to find the style for you. All products come with free shipping and 100 day returns.