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Chopard Glasses

Chopard eyewear is like standing on top of a crystal mountain, and looking out at a pure blue lake. There's an emerald spire in the background, and a helicopter waiting to take you there. The forest to the west is lush and green, and you wish you could just spend five more minutes in the dream before you wake up. But your alarm clock is going. It's 6:04 now, so it has been going for a few minutes.

Chopard frames

You jump out of bed and into the shower. All dried off, it's time for glasses. Your heart races. The glasses go on, and you look in the mirror. Chopard. Everything is as it should be. Now the day starts.

The Chopard VCH 9145 in shiny rose gold black stone is a worldly frame with ample experience and just a hint of the killer instinct. A hint is all you need to give away sometimes. This eyewear is geared up for a fight, even if it's not sure where the fight is coming from. That's just Chopard. Prepared, because the rest will follow.

In shiny palladium with plum stone it's a little cooler, a little slower tempo. It's still prepared, but it doesn't like to brag about that. It just is – come what may. In shiny bronze, this model looks like it belongs in the apothecary. That's not to say it's old and irrelevant. That is to say it's creative, timeless, mysterious, and more than a little bit interesting.

Chopard eyewear

The Chopard VCH 099S in turquoise is like something carved out of a marble excavation pit right before your eyes. Somehow, this marvelous piece of Chopard eyewear came to be. Nobody but the designers know exactly how. This 2013 model channels everything good about the design process. Lovely stone effect rims, with metallic hinges. Natural ore and stone together in the same colour palate, in the same eyewear, in the same vision. That truly is extraordinary. Chalk it up as a win for Chopard glasses.

Swarovski eyewear makes some things in much the same way as Chopard. Both luxury brands feature strong, bold outlooks, and an air that is not afraid to challenge authority at times. Both brands are united by the urge to do what is right, precisely when it's right to do so.