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Blumarine Glasses

Blumarine glasses are classy, without forgetting their roots. They harken back, without being too nostalgic. They front up for good causes and do their part, without becoming hamfisted preachers. They're honest, without giving the game away, and special, without claiming credit for it. They stand out as leaders, without votes being cast. They rise to the top, even though they don't float.

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They get top marks, or they would if they entered beauty contests. Instead, they are just busy doing what lovely things do – busying themselves with becoming paragons of class.

Blumarine Australia

When Blumarine glasses walk in the room, it's clear that greatness is never trailing too far behind – greatness is only ever around the corner.

Ted Baker glasses are likewise classy. They might even set the classy bar. They are the sort of eyewear that looks like it can peel away the layers of the unknown, until eventually facts and figures just start falling out of the air.

Looking as though they're apt to start a thunderstorm of knowledge, these Ted Baker glasses are the perfect choice for the worldly and sophisticated achiever.