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Banana Republic Glasses

Banana Republic has all kinds of attitude. A smooth and glossy product line is the result of a proud team of professionals. These wonderful Banana Republic frames are made by experts for professionals. You don't have to run a multinational company from the top floor – Banana Republic seeks all proud and conscious people.

Banana Republic glasses frames

The Banana Republic Lucas/N in Bakelite is an intellectual and analytical design. With flared temples to counteract some of the upfront stoicism, what results is a frame balanced on the edge of a blade. And that's how sharp its focus is.

Banana Republic Australia

In blonde, the Banana Republic Lara likes warm drinks on cold days, and a dry way to get home. The Lara likes overcast skies, but only sometimes. It's something to think about. But if it happens too often, we'll have the sun back please. This model gets excited at the thought of improvement, and consciously tries its hardest. All that in a pair of frames.

Vivienne Westwood glasses have a specific kind of attitude. It's a reserved attitude to begin with, but it gradually opens up and reveals its true self. A lovely mixture of amazing and gorgeous.