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Alexander McQueen Glasses

The story of Alexander McQueen is a tragic one. A genius through and through, he gave all he could and then, feeling shunned, gave it all away. But what lives on is his legacy, made even more real by the circumstances of his departure. Alexander McQueen eyewear has a serious and sobering message – never quit.

Alexander McQueen Frames

The 4151 is a slightly zany concoction in red crystal. A little bit warped and a little bit bent, the key message contained within is to look closely, and read between the lines. It's just as whacky in pearled white – depending on your tone, this one might almost be invisible!

Alexander McQueen Prescription eyewear

The 4224 in havana light brown is a prime example of tradition versus modernism. The temples are almost done in plaque style, harkening back to the day when all major announcements were spelled out on the wall. The rims themselves are so fresh and new they seem to erupt into life out of the beautiful grey packaging.

In opal burgundy red it's a passionate take on contemporary moral limits. How far can anything go – violence in video games – naughtiness in the films – patents on technology – before the critical limit is hit and the pendulum swings? You see this Alexander McQueen eyewear edges towards curdling, screaming, blood red – but stops just short. Still, it's a reminder that the revolution might be coming.

The 4202 in blue is a supremely curious frame because of the pattern etched in the front of the lens housing. It's like snakeskin meets perforation meets a roll of pressed blueberry candy waiting to be broken up and sold to well behaved schoolchildren.

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