Maxi Eyes Frost 2 Pack
$16.95/box $168


Looks like this product is no longer available as it is out of production.

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Manufacturer: Maxi Eyes
Usage instructions: Extended wear: Up to 30 days & nights
Package details: 2 Lenses per box
Material: HEMA Copolymer
Water content: 38%
Oxygen permeability:
9.5 x 10-11 cm2
  • Oxygen permeability expresses the ability of the lens to let oxygen reach the eye by diffusion. It is dependent on the thickness of the lens and the material of the lens, especially concerning the water content.
  • A higher Dk value means higher level of oxygen can pass through the lens and reach the eye.


From the initial function of contact lens for the sake of convenience until today the contact lens can be worn by consumers for the the sake of beauty. Thanks to the innovation of advance technology color contact lens have been created. With only a pair of thin lens wearer may own a pair of blue or amber color pupil. Thereafter lenses which enlarges wearer\\\'s corneal had been created. With this kind of lens wearers could own a pair of \\\"big and watery\\\" eyes. It was popular and became a trend among females consumers. Nowadays color contact lens had been categorized as one of the elements of trendy fashion. This could be another option for you if you want to stay ahead in the pace of fashion. Eyewear could be considered as the latest benchmark for the fashion trend nowadays together with make-up clothing footwear and leather goods.


Monthly Disposable Extended Wear 30 Days Maxi Eyes Frost 2 Pack contact lenses are disposable contact lenses meant to be worn for up to 30 days and you have the option to wear them as daily lenses or wear them day and night, without taking them out at night, for up to 30 days. When the contact lenses are taken out, take care of them properly and clean and store them overnight. Don't forget to replace them after 30 days and get a fresh pair. Not everyone is can wear contact lenses overnight, please consult your optometrist whether Maxi Eyes Frost 2 Pack is suitable for you.

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