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judith leiber Sunglasses

Judith Leiber takes the weird and wacky, and makes it fashionable. That's not to confuse it with mainstream, but certainly popular would be the right word. Funky patterns and awe inspiring colours jump right off these glasses in a lively and fun way. One thing's for certain – you're never not sure if you like it or not. Love it or hate it, Judith Leiber eyewear is at the top of its game, and doesn't pull any punches.

Judith Leiber

The Judith Leiber JL1042 in colour 8 with light topaz lenses is like an alien take on the Mayan civilization. With cool square and rectangle mosaic patterns up and down the temples, and a generally exotic vibe, this model echoes the ages alright. In colour 5 with sapphire lenses, its subtle elegance really shows through in a cool and collected way. There's no shaking these Judith Leiber sunglasses. They just won't be shook.

The Judith Leiber JL 1579 in colour 1 with hematite lenses is something you would find closely guarded at the back of a dragon's lair. It seems to be secret treasure, declared too special and too pretty for the masses to get their hands on. But that is the beauty of design, in and of itself. Taking that which should not be able to happen, and making it happen. Judith Leiber eyewear just makes it happen, and here's the proof.

Judith Leiber sunglasses online

In colour 4 with gold lenses, these Judith Leiber sunglasses are an extrovert's best friend. Full of life and ready to party, nobody is sure where they came from or where they're going next, but they sure are nice to look at while they're here!

For a slick pilot look, check out the great Judith Leiber JL 1573 in colour 1 with hematite lenses. Not quite so flashy, but every bit as practical, these luxury sunglasses are sure to add some oomph, and an extra dimension to your look.

Some designers clearly go above and beyond – and some designers clearly go above and beyond even that. Judith Leiber glasses are evidence of a designer in orbit, and so are our Chopard glasses and sunglasses. Anything Chopard in general, really. It's all emotionally honest and expressive, just as our Judith Leiber eyewear is. It won't appeal to everyone – but if it appeals to you, there's every chance it'll bowl you right over the first time you see it.
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