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jean paul gaultier Sunglasses

If Jean-Paul Gaultier directed a movie, we can only hope it would be as exciting as this delectable range of sunglass art. Using shapes and formations in esoteric ways indeed, this Jean-Paul Gaultier eyewear has strayed from the norm long enough to make the norm jealous. These sunglasses don't aspire to be anything but themselves – and why should they?

Jean Paul Gaultier

In red with grey silver gradient mirror lenses, the Jean-Paul Gaultier SJP521 is like the most emotionally expressive piece of art in the palace. It's the beacon of feeling, and the pinnacle of sentiment. It radiates a strength of feeling so intense that some can't bear it. We wouldn't ask you to. Not unless you wanted to.

Not unless you were happy to be the brightest person in the room – the luminary to take charge when everything else goes grey. We wouldn't ask you to take charge of these glasses unless you were happy to work, shine, grind and leave a trail of beautiful embers after each step. If you want to hold a mirror to the sun, then these are the glasses for you. Why? The lenses are giant mirrors, remember? Your eyes are protected – all you have to do is get on with it.

jean paul gaultier australia

In Gold with violet lenses, the Jean-Paul Gaultier SJP065 is a rose tinted daydream. It's not a flaw to see the best in people at all times. If you feel better about someone than they do about themselves, then it becomes a moral duty to give out a hug. A hug and a smile. How else will people learn?

Replay sunglasses also stray from the norm, causing significant intrigue. Or maybe, they cause enough intrigue to stray significantly from the norm. It's not so much a chicken and egg problem as it is not even a problem. Regardless of which orange came first, or what the root cause is, the only rational thing to do is celebrate. It's art – art that demands a response.
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