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hogan Sunglasses

Make no mistake – Hogan sunglasses know how to party. With a look that typifies the work hard then play hard attitude, Hogan eyewear puts the question to all and sundry – what kind of life do you really want? If the answer is clear, then Hogan is for you.

Hogan sunglasses online

The HO0012 is half view-master, half brass knuckles. A tough but visionary creation, this Hogan eyewear is ready to accept and beat any challenge under the sun. With translucent temples connecting about half way down a tall wide-rimmed frame, what results is a domineering, if not outright intimidating look. But that impact is lessened by the soft neutral lens colour – a calming blue, with a reassuring and nurturing effect. It says – I'm on your side, and you should really be glad about that.

For fans of the pilot and/or oversized shape, try out the Hogan HO0005. Its lovely blue gradient casts a cool gaze over the world while assessing its competition. It is the embodiment of a calm attitude, even in times of peril and crisis. It calculates accurately, even if it doesn't make that fact known. It considers scenarios and alternatives naturally, until it's not just a step ahead – it's light years ahead of its time.

Hogan sunglasses Australia

The HO0021 is a red velvet cake with cream on a cold day. It's all sorts of rich creature comforts, as well as a strong starting position from which to make a claim. It's a token of good times had, and better times to come. It's a way to start the day strong, no matter what yesterday brought, and no matter what tomorrow will bring. Hogan eyewear lives in the present, and that is where it excels.

Marchon glasses also force a few issues. With a strong gaze that allows for no non-sense, Marchon eyewear certainly seems playful enough in some of its models, but a clear preference is evident for getting the business done first. Work before play – that's the Marchon way.
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