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byblos Sunglasses

The Byblos BY 540 in transparent opal green with pink shiny rose gold, and Bordeaux silver mirror shaded lenses is a real sensory experience. Opulent, yet essentially candy-painted. This model is for the party person who knows how to work it. It doesn't care what gender you are; it only cares that you will rock it all day and all night. There is a place in the world for modest people with humility, but that place is not wearing this Byblos eyewear. It is loud and proud, and unashamedly out to have a good time in life. Are you?

Byblos Sunglasses online

In pink Bordeaux striped transparent violet, the Byblos BY 557 with burgundy shaded lenses is a party personified. There may as well be pink flamingos floating around the room, and waiters carrying trays of cocktails. These Byblos sunglasses don't know how to stand still, let alone rest. But that's a good thing. It might be just what you're looking for.

In brown striped transparent turquoise with brown shaded lenses it's a little cooler, a little more grounded. If you like the cat eye style, but not the raging party image, this cool wooden model might be just about perfect.

Byblos Sunglasses Australia

In black with grey shaded lenses it's just plain mysterious. Is she a cat burglar? Maybe a model. No, no, she's that new artist everybody's talking about. Well, whoever she is, she sure is in a hurry.

If you like our selection of Byblos sunglasses, something tells us you might like our range of Fila glasses just as much. Both these brands focus on bringing the best out of people at every available opportunity. That's why we're so proud to stock them.

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