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    Safilo Junior glasses are the kind of glasses that really make a little genius stand out. Glossy and smooth, while still somehow stimulating and pointed, they capture imaginations, hearts and minds.

    Safilo Junior Online

    The Safilo Junior 2610 comes in two great colours – blue with green, and pink with blue. These don't mark out a gender divide; they simply mark out a difference in preferences. The 2007 blue model is a well designed little beacon of artistic inspiration.

    Safilo Junior Australia

    The pink model is an artisan – the best in its field. It is radiant and gorgeous – learned and intellectual. They share one fact in common – they both know how to stand their ground in the face of adversity.

    Max & Co sunglasses aren't for kids, but they can still make genius stand out. Some would say that's the whole reason they were made. They highlight two types of genius in this way. Those who made them, and those who wear them.