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    Pirelli glasses are bold and unashamedly attractive. They send out magnetism so strong it's impossible not to be drawn in. Through a powerful mix of big shapes and good colours, the playful design commands something of an inherent tractor beam.


    Able to pull attention and change minds, it is almost too powerful to exist among us. Almost. If great design changes the world, Pirelli is surely proud to have joined the club.

    Pirelli frames glasses

    The Pirelli VPZ508 in red is a perfect example. With good use of cutouts and attention grabbing red, it looks both slick and radiant at the same time. It holds itself up as an example, while being eager to learn. It's the best of both worlds, and we're pretty sure it knows.

    Converse glasses are a little bit the opposite. They are half no frills, and half no holds barred. It's a case of do not underestimate. Sometimes a plain look isn't plain – it's powerfully minimalistic.