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    Oxydo is so delightful. The cost of quality eyewear can be low. It's not lost on us that this product is so good and so colourful – that's why we have it. We're proud. Proud for a multitude of reasons – not least of which being the amazing spread of colours across an amazing spread of shapes. Never be bored. There's no reason to. Oxydo works to drive that home by creating an aesthetic in all cases which supports mental activity, and promotes mental acuity.


    In pearl brown beige, the Oxydo OX 516 is a mark of wisdom. It's an odd colour, almost totally unseen. But it radiates on just the right peach wavelength to induce real feelings of homeliness and comfort. It's like a hot cobbler on a cold night, or a smooth coat of nail polish when nothing else seems to be going right. It's a warm touch on the shoulder, and a lovely soy chai latte with cinnamon. Yum yum yum.

    Oxydo glasses Australia

    In pearl plum pink, it's a busy mind. It's a train of thought that won't easily be derailed. It's working hard to get to sleep at night, because there's so much that remains to be done. It's retiring with a heavy heart, and stepping up to the plate again when called on.

    The Oxydo OX490 in violet fuchsia is playful almost to a fault. It reminds us of bright days, on days where maybe it's not so bright. It reminds us of the niceties in life, when maybe the day is not so nice. It works hard to bring us back up, when maybe we feel a little down.

    In turquoise black, the OX 490 is a look at reality through fresh eyes. It is looking at things in a way you had never thought of before. Perhaps, in a way nobody had ever thought of before. It's a serious meditation on the role of fashion in every day life – a convincing one at that.

    If you feel like something more gripping and futuristic, try Balenciaga glasses on for size. With advances on the competition evident not only in terms of shape, but colour palate and all round construction, Balenciaga is a true market leader with the potential to grip its base over and over and over again.