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marcolin Glasses

Marcolin glasses seem to exist in two states. They are a solid thing, but a liquid concept. They are of the real world, but also vastly abstract. They are true to form, but also seemingly ethereal.

Marcolin eyeglasses

How does so much mystery packed so closely together look so identifiable? Well, it's just that it's really well designed.

Marcolin Australia

The Marcolin MA7321 in grey really hits the nail on the head. It is silky and opulent, but always with a purpose. It moves in luxurious style, but always comes to rest sensibly. You can trust it not to float away, because it knows exactly where it's heading. It's using its moral compass.

Polo sunglasses seem to be in two states as well. Two states of mind. But they're equally beautiful. They wonder at once whether beauty is fun, or whether it's a duty which binds its commanders. They look like they're out for fun, but this is pure philosophy.
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