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john varvatos Glasses

John Varvatos glasses have a good little bit of everything. A bit of a gold look, a bit of a wood look. A bit of a cold look, or an all out good look?

Varvatos glasses

Good looks aren't everything, but looking good is really sweet. Almost as sweet as John Varvatos frames.

John Varvatos

In antique brown, the John Varvatos V113 is like wisdom blended with prosperity. Better yet, it's here for posterity. It's a poster child of design theory and a pin up model when it comes to class. It's reserved, but not shy. Powerful, but not aggressive. It really is great.

Speaking of a good little bit of everything, Miss Sixty sunglasses have all that and more. It seems counterintuitive to think a brand could have more than a brand could possibly have... but you have to see it to believe it.
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