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    Iceberg glasses are densely packed with goodness. Like cute little bundles of immaculate energy tied together by string theory, these artful frames simply don't have a bad side. They don't have a shy side, or a weak side. They don't have a stroppy side. They have a caring side and a sharing side. A busy side and a bright side. They are like a mirror to truth.

    Iceberg glasses online

    The Iceberg IC 179 in black is immaculately immodest – for modesty's sake. It's the smartest person in the room, carrying a book. It's fresh, self-contained, and inquisitive. It makes no excuses and believes no lies. It simply progresses.

    Iceberg frames

    In Havana, the IC 179 is like a sudden bolt of energy to reinvigorate the system. It's a wakeup call every time you look in the mirror. Be grateful, but only as a general rule.

    Kenneth Cole sunglasses aren't tied together by string theory, they are tied together with chaos theory. Not chaos as in havoc, but chaos as in not having had a briefing on the immediate future. They're not unsure, but they're tough. They need to be.